Dr Betta Edu NWL Reiterates Commitment For Gender Mainstreaming And Uniting Nigerian Women With One Voice For Progress

Dr. Betta Edu NWL Reiterates Commitment For Gender Mainstreaming And Uniting Nigerian Women With One Voice For Progress

The newly-elected National Women Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Betta Edu, has said that her primary focus in office will be her total commitment to the mainstreaming and recognition of Nigerian women in every sphere of the nation’s polity. She made this point during an interaction with Nigerian women who came out en masse to mark her first day in office at the National Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress. Dr. Edu noted that the Nigerian women’s quest for political recognition has been such a herculean task despite their great antecedents and valued contributions to nation-building due largely to the fact that their opportunities are gravely limited, noting that if more opportunities are given to the women, they wouldn’t see each other as threats and begin to tear each other down.

According to her, Nigeria will be better positioned for the much desired national growth and integration if the female gender occupies sensitive positions across the board. Gender sensitivity should therefore be a vital consideration in our body polity and be entrenched from henceforth.

Dr. Edu made the point that her administration’s focus will also be to lobby the male folk and ensure that women are mainstreamed, while equally providing effective welfare and financial empowerment right from the polling unit to the national level. This strategy, she noted, will afford every Nigerian woman the opportunity to feel the social contract between them and the All Progressives Congress.


On her part, Dr. Edu pledged her preparedness to be providing free medical healthcare for women and children as well as empowering women in all ramifications through different value-adding initiatives.

The National Women Leader stressed that she will effectively mobilize Nigerian women to be actively involved in politics by voting in the right people in 2023 to positively change the narrative. In this connection, she sees the urgent need for an effective lobby group that can convince the National Assembly to continuously protect the rights of Nigerian women to get at least, 106 women in both chambers of the National Assembly.

Dr. Betta Edu NWL noted that she represents three categories of people namely, the Nigerian Women, the Nigerian Youths, and the Children of Nigeria. With this focus in mind, she hopes that women will be considered for vibrant political positions from the State to the national level as well as executive positions to pilot the affairs of governance.

Dr. Edu thanked all Nigerian women who stood by her and pledged her unalloyed loyalty to them. She equally thanked President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife, Aisha Buhari for their endorsement, support, and encouragement while also paying glowing tributes to His Excellency, Senator (Prof.) Ben Ayade and his wife, Dr. Linda Ayade, for being instrumental to her emergence as the National Women Leader of the All Progressives Congress.



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