Is the Responsibility of Nigerian govt to Protect it’s Citizens

The International Human Rights Protection Service Nigeria Office has called on the Nigerian government at all levels to ensure the protection of it’s Citizens and rights for a proper rulership of power in government.

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Speaking at Port Harcourt during the induction of the State Directors into office the Country President of the organization Dr. Charles Omini challenged Government at all levels to rise and protect the rights of it’s Citizens in all course with different channels which can easily be reached by not educated and non educated Nigerians

Dr. Omini who stated that the Government must play a major role in creating platforms for Nigerians to be educated on their rights also warned that no Nigerian citizen is above the law, notwithstanding your tribe,belief or wealth the rule covered all.

Nigerian will be a better country than ever insinuated,this great Nation can be better for us all only if the rights and knowledge about human rights are poured to our intellect lifestyle.


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