Dear Malabites and Malabresses,

Let me tell you a short story about things that happened —While You Were Away.

    While you were away, your favorite spots were left to grass and reptiles, “ancient Malabor“ became more ancient than “ancient“ itself, CES was seen habouring jambites who lesson to join us, while we were away??!

While you were away, aso rock was without the president, the busy hostels became resident to rodents, the library filled with books yet no eyes to read them.

While you were away, shuttle drivers were shuttled down to their villages, where they smuggle unripe plantain and beans. The stadium waxed into a hub for inter house sports rather than the acclaimed NUGA games.

While you were away, the classes and activities that kept you away from livelihood or so to say, were put off, I suppose there are no more excuses alive.
“If I had more time, if I rested a lil bit, oh!! Unical!“, but now you rested for eight months, be sure not to “Rest In Peace”.

While you were away, meetings, sections, aluta were all put away, what did you make of your life, are you back-ready or you have a bag full of reasons.


I am but a story teller, pardon my curiosity, but tell me this last time, what have you come to do –a time away from home or a time to revive your hope, Mummy G.O has given us a “MOP“ how far can you go cleaning up your mess.

While you were away, “Cameroon”, where we ceaselessly thrive was left desolate for unbelievable number of days, life is but a moment only those who live can tell.

While you were away, did you work on yourself or you allowed your dream walk away from you. Did you make some friends or you allowed your ego make you some fiends.

Beware, Mummy G.O has put the “house of God” in shape, do well to put your offerings in place.

I would’ve loved to continue but to every beginning, there is an END.



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