Orok Duel Paul Breaks Down In Tears; Thanks The Governor For The Quick Intervention!

Orok Duel Paul Breaks Down In Tears; Thanks The Governor For The Quick Intervention!

The CRS Governor Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has speedily intervened on the health issue of Mr Deuel Paul Orok whose deteriorating health was brought to his notice. In his usual love and magnanimity for his citizens Governor Ayade has immediately instructed the Honorable Commissioner for Health Dr Betta Edu to take charge of the situation.

Dr. Edu who immediately visited the patient in Teaching Hospital has assured cross riverians that the State government has taken responsibility for Advance medical care to save the life of Mr Deuel Orok as directed by His Excellency Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade. “I’m being sent on an emergency response by my principal Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade to see the health situation of Deuel Paul Orok and then take full responsibility of his medical care.

“Am happy that he’s responding to treatment as his condition is not as bad as it was before he was referred to UCTH however his situation is critical and pathetic . From the information gathered, he has had three surgeries in 9days which totally destroyed his intestines leading to a fistula. the taskforce team of the State Ministry of Health will step into the matter to know which hospital was responsible for such. Orok will get back to his feet and will return back to school as cross river state needs pilots like him to fly the State’s Cally-Air. Funds has been released to the family so he can continue to get treatment even outside the country.”

Duel Paul Orok who hails from Calabar Municipality is in the Aviation school and was down with appendicitis, had over three surgeries in 9days that led to severe complications before he was referred to UCTH where he has had yet another surgery with the patient’s response to treatment progressing slowly.

The Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council (CMAC) Dr. Michael Eyong stated that the hospital management will in synergy with the Health Commissioner Dr. Betta Edu continue to do their best to ensure he gets maximum care and treatment while in the hospital. He thanked Sen. Ben Ayade for the quick intervention and for always prioritizing the lives of his citizens.

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“The patient was referred to us in a bad state but God has decided to spare his life, he had a complicated surgery and so far he’s leaking faeces through the skin since his intestines were being tempered with. He’ll continue to get treatment especially now that the Governor has asked the health commissioner Dr. Betta Edu to intervene.”

The Health Commissioner Dr Edu has called on all medical practitioners to ensure they refer any case that is beyond them and not wait until the issue gets out of hand as the taskforce will look into the situations that led to such complications that could have cost Orok his life.

The Young pilot in training Orok Duel paul who was in tears thanked Governor Ayade for the quick response; “only God Can bless the Governor, please can I see him and thank him when I am well? This is like hope …. He gave me another chance to live again. My family is forever grateful, His sister who confirm receipt of the funds, was simply overwhelmed with joy praying that God will raise the Governor to greater heights for his kindness to humanity. The thanked Dr Betta Edu for always being proactive on all Health issues!


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