Reasons to Accept Rt. Hon. Eteng Jonah Williams.

Cross River Central Senatorial District Desperately Need a Man With the right Capacity, Competency, and Character To Manage Change

The era has come to define how we practice politics and how we govern our people following the desperate need for leaders with Capacity, Competency and Character to manage the change we preferred.

We are facing various changes in our politics across the world and Nigeria inclusive and apart from political change, there are technological and economic changes.

For these changes to be effective, we need a change agent with Capacity, Competency, and Character.

The leader we choose to become our change agent shows how we respond to change and the decision we make in our polling unit will determine the quality of the leader we have subscribed for the change we need.

If we subscribe to Rt. Hon. Eteng Jonah Williams as our change agent, we are subscribing to capacity, competency, and good character that will bring progress, prosperity, stability, and political shift for the best.

Rt. Hon. Eteng Jonah Williams is the change Central needs, he understands and participated in the political and governance process and understands national development, equity, fairness, and above all good governance that the people need now.

Williams believes that the change we all need is the quality of outcomes, social opportunity, economic prosperity, and protection of individual rights, so he will be bringing out laws that will cover those areas of interest.

Williams will meet the expectations of every central son and daughter because he likes institutions that work for the good of the people and he’s willing to involve more young people and direct their energy into something reasonable that they all need to advance good governance.

Politics is meeting the needs of the masses and he will redefine how to practice politics and governance in Central.

Let us all come together as people and give it a try. We have tried someone for 12 years in Abi/Yakurr federal constituency, but nothing came out. We can not repeat the same mistake.

National Assembly is National Assembly, either upper or lower house, is the same function.

Vote Rt. Hon. Eteng Jonah Williams for Senate.

Your vote is your power, vote wisely.

Ofem, Jesam (Trinity)


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