Responsibility without accountability is failure. Cynthia maduekwe share tips to be Responsible

Responsibility is one of those things that makes life interesting. One good thing about responsibility is that it is always there waiting for you. If you refuse to take responsibility today, it multiplies and keeps waiting for you whenever you are ready. Invariably, you can’t escape responsibility. Another fact about being Responsible is even if you’re not responsible for other things or other people, you got to be responsible for yourself. Responsibility is power. It is the state of being the person who caused something to happen, it is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

Responsibility is the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. It is the ability or authority to act or decide on one’s own, without supervision. Responsibility is something that you must do as part of your job or duty. Finally on the meaning of responsibility, responsibility is the opportunity or ability to act independently and take decisions without authorization. There are so many reasons as to why we must be responsible. In the words of Winston S. Churchill, “The price of greatness is responsibility”. Taking responsibility makes one intentional, and intentionality is one of the keys to success.

Secondly, responsibility gives strength to our inner man. There are some things that ordinarily we can not do. But on account of the responsibility in our hands, strength is released from on high to do them. We must be responsible because responsibility helps us grow faster, quicker and better as it gives us insight, experience and exposure due to what we are handling on account of being responsible. Responsibility helps us connect with others. It this age, connection is one of the major tool to make climbing the ladder of success easier. It helps you associate with like minds and boom you have the connect.

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Responsibility kicks away and kills procrastination. There are times when we will be extremely tired and we wouldn’t want to do some of the tasks that we are supposed to. Personally, we may have decided within us not to do them again for that day. Immediately we remember neing Responsible and those who are looking up to us for the said tasks, we rekindle and do them immediately. We must be responsible because responsibility teaches us time management. It puts us in a situation where we have to work with a lot of people and working with people demands that we are to be time conscious.

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Another reason why we must be responsible is because it raises our self-esteem and builds inter-personal relationship. Being responsible naturally makes you think highly of yourself. If you had a low-self esteem before, on account of the leadership responsibilities you now have, your self-esteem will go up. It helps build interpersonal relationship in several ways. Being responsible on one front means you are doing something for someone or something. You can not do anything for someone when there is no relationship between you two.

Being Responsible helps you get shits done yourself. Overtime, you have learnt that no one is coming to help you do those stuffs. Your mind has already been customized to do you. A person who does stuffs themselves have no time to play the blame game. This is because if these things go well, they take the credit and if it doesn’t go well, they blame themselves. This is why you must be responsible. Responsibility teaches you perseverance, self-control and helps us avoid people looking down on you. Being responsible gives you your maximum respect. You’ll respect yourself, others will respect you.


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