See Reasons,Giving water to accident victim is Dangerous

The Reasons Why It Is Dangerous To Give An Accident Victim Water To Drink

Some of you would be confuse when you meet an accident victim. Some accident victims normally ask for water immediately they are hurt by a vehicle or an object, but giving them water is helping to kill the person.

Before now, have you ever thought of the reason behind why Accident victims always request for water after having an accident?

Have you also fathomed why accident victims dies immediately after drinking the water they requested for?

I know that water is life, but not on the case of accident. You should know this.

Below are the reasons why you should never give an accident victim that is bleeding water to drink.

The reason why Water is cancelled on this case is because the injured victim has lost much blood as caused by the accident and because of the loss of blood, the person now has little blood in his or her system. The little blood in the system is what keeps them amidst the accident.

Giving them water will cool the remaining blood in them and the person may die.

When someone is bleeding internally, The person will surely request for water because of haemovascular anomaly. haemovascular anomaly is as a result of the internal bleeding. When you obey their call and give the person water, he or she would experience blood discharge immediately.

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The thing you are to do to an accident victim is to rush the person to any close hospital so that the person would receive anesthesia injection. It will make The person to be relieved of pains.

Another reason why giving water to Accident victims is bad is because it increases the person’s Blood pressure and when this happens, the wounds starts opening because the bloods would be pressured to pop out of the body.

So, don’t give bleeding accident victims water to drink no matter how thirsty they are.


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