Lessons To Note For The Just Concluded Primaries

Clinton Ugorji

16 Management Lessons from the just concluded General Presidential Primaries

  1. The operating environment may not always favor you. However, a well researched enviromental analysis (PESTEL) would always throw up opportunities (SWOT)
  2. The biggest impediment to your success may come from within. Understand your weaknesses and the weaknesses (limitations) of your weaknesses!
  3. Physical agility is not as gainful as mental agility.(understand the psyche of your consumers)
  4. Be quick to respond to change – the business landscape is never static (Tinubu expected the ticket on a platter of Gold, was apparent they weren’t giving him, he swiftly changed strategy)
  5. Not everyone in your inner circle would wish you well – Be the holder of the ace, the last joker, never reveal all your plans.
  6. Competition may have the best outward appearance (strategy, outlook), your ability to execute will always win you the game. (SAN, Prof, VP all came to nothing)
  7. Concentrate efforts on your circle of control, and expand your circle of influence (Northern Governor’s overruled the president)
  8. Not the best product will dominate the market place, but the best presented (marketed) product that meets buyers value.
  9. All forces may be against you, but with smart work persistence and a great team, you will triumph. (President, party chair etc didn’t want him)
  10. Sometimes, you have to fight rough and dirty to win the game (Abeokuta outburst)
  11. A substitute product may as well be the victory clincher for you (Atiku’s victory helped Tinubu)
  12. And lastly, not all those whose lives you feel you have impacted are grateful. Some will take your generosity as their hard earned entitlement. (You didn’t make me VP)
  13. Networking with specific objective will always generate the desired outcome.
  14. No matter how old and how well you may have been or provided value in the marketplace, Never underestimate the Strategies of your competitors. CRA Vs BAT
  15. Most times, silent introduction of marketing strategies and penetration into the highest dimensions of the hearts of your target market will definitely frustrate the existence of very well packaged products. Wike Vs Atiku
  16. Conduct marketing research to determine how many products in market belongs to your competitors, some products are shadows of your real competitors developed, sponsored and introduced into the highest market just as a means to disorganize your strategy, Plans and Success. Tambuwal & Atiku Vs Wike.

By; Amb Clinton Ugorji, Lecturer at Nigerian Institute of Management, & Kunle Adewole


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