Senator Gershom Bassey Reactions To World Cancer Day.

Senator Gershom Bassey World Cancer Day Message To All Cancer Patient And Nigerians.

Today, we are reminded of those among us who are currently battling with Cancer.
Those who are still trying to grasp the implications of the report of their condition. Those currently undergoing treatment and those who are suddenly battling finances due to the financial implications of Cancer Care.

As the world moves races against time in the war against cancer, we as a people must rally round and encourage ourselves. We must begin to innovate and chart productive ways to close the care gap.

We need to provide access to screening and early diagnosis. We need to educate our people, and send the messages across to the rural areas.
We need to implement programs to reduce the burden of cancer treatment and to make those treatment options accessible.

This is the responsibility of government. It is part of our social contract. It is one I am committed to in the Cross River State that I plan to build.


The burden of cancer, is not only felt by the bearer, the imminent financial cost is borne by those in the entire community; family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc. Nursing attending to relatives chronic medical ailment would affect our able workforce, and so we all still bear the consequences. Government cannot continue to look away.

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Other countries are workiing and building facilities and research laboratories to address the crisis. We must engage the healthcare force in the state, we just engage all stakeholders to build a policy paper and do more than just lip service if we are going to win this war against Cancer from senator Gershom Bassey


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