Street children in Calabar destroy bus mirrors, raining anger on organizers of the governor’s wife’s birthday.


The street children of Calabar metropolis were organized by Nugi Technologies in collaboration with the uniters Hub Foundation in celebration of her excellency’s birthday.

The children in attendance were up to 300 in number and were brought to the venue by coastal buses from their various locations.It was recorded that the children arrived at the venue at 10a.m.

The event started properly at 4 p.m., which in turn has left these little children exhausted and starving. At a point, the children got angry and wanted to leave, but the uniters hub foundation founder, Mr. Daniel Reginel, and Mr. Arikpo Williams continued to beg the children, assuring them good gifts and solid food.

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On the arrival of the governor and his wife, Mrs. Eyoanwan Otu, by 4p.m., the children were exhausted but still held on to their happiness due to their leaders, who kept on telling them to please stay.

After so much entertainment and presentation,it was time to share food, which had been their paramount aim for staying. The children noticed a shortage of food bags, and they began to take advantage of the bag, fighting and struggling. The organizers of the event, Uniters hub foundation, and Nugi Technologies begged and tried to organize the children, but their anger continued to increase as they noticed food bags (Ghana must go), where just 3 were available but their amount was up to 300 (operation survival of the fittest began).

After much struggle, the buses are ready to move. As night draws closer and all dignitaries and security have left, the children have to scatter the whole environment that has to do with food gathering, causing fights and property destruction. It was seen that children from the dump site began to look for stones to destroy the buses in anger, saying that “this is their last time coming out to be used by the government, and they haven’t eaten since morning.”

A correspondence reported that only the uniters Hub Foundation team stood behind to settle all children that were having issues with food and transportation since the buses left at one without coming back to pick up other kids at their location.

One other bus driver who drove the kids back to their location came back to the venue with a complaint that the children had finally destroyed his bus mirror.It was seen that unicross buses were used for conveying these children, and one of the bus mirrors has been destroyed.

For more clarity verify from this kids If seen


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