Urgent information on UNICAL shuttle

In a follow-up to the recent hike in transportation fee on campus, the Tyron Bassey Led Outstanding Exco have in several occasions held meetings with the University Transport Unit. The following are the stands of the Union on Transport fee regulations on Campus;


  1. That all students boarding the shuttle bus from the University Main gate through Library, CES are to pay the total sum of #30 each to and fro.
  2. Students going to Mass Communication, faculty of Engineering, new Law building are expected to pay the sum of #40 each to and fro.
  3. A drop/charter on campus should be negotiated before boarding.
  4. Students are expected to be precise about their destination before boarding the shuttles. When once you board a vehicle going to any of the destination mentioned in 2 above but later decided to alight before the said destination, you are to pay the initial amount of #40 each per ride.
  5. In Light of the recent closure of the Goldie gate by 7;30pm because of security issues, We urge students to remain calm as we are negotiating with management to extend the time in order to allow student easy access into the school Note: No Shuttle Driver will from Tomorrow accept 20 as to where am going is not far (Malabites and Malabresses) slangs

Always go with your 30# or 40# change to safe yourself unnecessary arguments.

All these will take effect from tomorrow being 24/10/2022

Note that; the Tyron Bassey Outstanding exco will at all time Prioritize the Welfare of Nigerian Students (Malabites and Malabresses)

Executive President, Students’ Union Government, University of Calabar, Calabar

Director of Information, Students Union Government, University of Calabar, Calabar


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