What you have to know about John Emmanuel Udoh (Johnix)

John Emmanuel Udoh is a strange name for Topboy Johnix as you will never believe he’s a native of Cross River State immediate brothers Akwa Ibom State. He’s though a Calabar breed which is also strange if you’re Topboy Johnix fan. His music suggest he’s a UK base Nigerian but never Akwa Ibom, he’s but in fact a proud one at it.

He’s genre of music is Drill, a Hip Hop influenced genre carved out by blocks and opps rappers.


Drill music is a language an art made out from the street of Uk, Johnix is drill and a big figure in it, a revolutionist of Hip Hop Culture particularly in south south. Johnix came from where it wasn’t all roses and gold, he came from where it was hard, he came where it was the least for a day for 5 other siblings, but believe music came to him the third child of his, and now he’s sure music was his purpose because he would usually write a whole Burna Boy kind of song and Email his Management for a possibility of Burna Jumping on the song, it’s something he keeps doing with his cousin throughout his teenage age and will later decide to start composing the songs himself.

Johnix recorded his first ever song in 2016, it felt like I was doing what I was made to do he said, I was with my Bro’s Gwapboy$, and that day after raising some money for Lad O’Neil’s studio time, he would affirm to himself that he can do this music thing, and that was it, CAME UP was cooked.He started from Rapping in Church and Joining the Choir and sometimes a backup in Church concert. Johnix biggest inspiration came from listening and learning much about J cole, Ice Prince and Sarkodie and of course Big Skepta for crown.

Johnix has recorded a lot of hit singles since then and has now drop a full project to solidify his space in the South south and Nigeria music industry.

His choice of his first Project Name was carefully revealed in the lyrics of some tracks on the Ep.


Rest in P’s which is again very UK. A name of the first but definitely not the last for Topboy Johnix, which in fact he reveal in a conversation “This project is my inspiration to move forward in my Music Career”.
Johnix has also reveal that he’s now ready for the music business fully, and for the fact that he has his personal studio he looks forward to producing for himself and go ahead to take another throne as the Best Producer in Africa. Rest in P’s was a carefully A & R (ed) project it has 8 songs in total, 2 Afro beats swing songs with a fusion of Rap and 6 hard core drill music to crown it.

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Rest in P’s was written during the Pandemic and total lockdown year, no wander it’s such a beautiful project because a lot of time was put into it.
Johnix has worked with lots of artist including Trxy The Villain, 13:06, Gwapboy), BlaakGold. He’s open to work with more artists now.

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Johnix is his own first fan and with what he listens to himself rap? Mc’s all over the world have to keep a close eye on him.
His favorite genre of music is Drill but loves Afrobeats as an original of it and will make a hit song with it. He’s a trap artist also and loves the American music market. The influence he got from Iceprince earned him the name Johnix Zamani as he’s also heavily influenced by Wizkid and Burna boy.

Johnix Rest in P’s is out and you’re left with the choice of picking a best song out of the 8 hit singles.

Follow Johnix on Instagram & Twitter @Topboy_Johnix.


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