Why PDP members should stop decamping to APC for political appointments.

By: Dr. Maurice Ekong

In recent times, there has been a noticeable trend of members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole decamping to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the hope of securing political appointments. This move is often fueled by the belief that crossing party lines will guarantee them favorable positions in the government. However, the reality is far from this wishful thinking.

The just released list of appointees in Cross River State serves as a stark pointer of the futility of this strategy. The appointments for obvious reasons, predominantly favor loyal members of the APC who have demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to the party’s cause. It is evident that the APC prioritizes rewarding its steadfast members over opportunistic defectors from the opposition.

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For members of the PDP contemplating such a move, it is crucial to recognize that joining the APC solely for the prospect of political appointments is shortsighted and misguided. The APC apparently values loyalty and consistency, traits that cannot be acquired overnight by switching parties. Expecting the APC to overlook her loyal members in favor of “fair weather” defectors is naïve at best.

Instead of chasing fleeting opportunities in the APC, members of the PDP should focus on introspection and strategic planning. It is imperative to honestly assess the reasons behind the party’s losses in the 2023 elections and take proactive steps to address these shortcomings. By identifying and rectifying past mistakes, the PDP can position itself for success in future elections, including the pivotal 2027 polls.

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Furthermore, PDP members must understand that even if they manage to secure appointments in the APC, their status will always be precarious. Those who have previously enjoyed the benefits of PDP’s patronage should be particularly cautious, as their motives for defecting will be scrutinized. The APC is unlikely to fully trust individuals who have a history of switching allegiances for personal gain.

In conclusion, the notion that decamping to the APC guarantees political appointments is a fallacy. PDP members in Cross River State and beyond should refrain from indulging in such wishful thinking and instead focus on rebuilding their party from within. Only by addressing internal weaknesses and presenting a united front can the PDP hope to regain its footing and compete effectively in future elections.

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Dr. Maurice Ekong is a PDP Stakeholder from Calabar South LGA, Cross River State and the Immediate Past Cross River State Liaison Officer to the PDP Presidential Campaign Council.


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