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GABVIN Logistics

Gabvin Logistics is a transport company that deals with goods delivery all over the Abuja, Federal state capital territory with efficient services and fast delivery.
 GABVIN Logistics
Gabvin Logistics is owned by young entrepreneurs who is passionate about relieving the stress of Nigerian citizens and, at the same time, feels the wants of people because distance should not be an excuse. They’re no other person than Happiness Ernest Onyuku (Kelvin of Abuja) and Gabriel Ebune Okpanchi (international currency) both of them are popular businessmen who hail from different region of Nigeria but are aimed at building employment and create stress free to Nigerians.
 GABVIN Logistics
Gabvin Logistics has existed for years now, and we have a lot of testimonies from different customers across the federal capital city,Abuja. We deliver as quickly as you can imagine, irrespective of your location.
 GABVIN Logistics
Our materials are not one or two; we have lots of young people who are well dedicated to serving for the betterment of the transport company.
Gabvin Logistics Company, as earlier stated, is owned by Happiness Ernest Onyuku (Kelvin of Abuja) and Gabriel Ebune Okpanchi (international currency).
 GABVIN Logistics
Yes, Gabvin Logistics is the leading logistics company that has taken over deliveries in Abuja and across the state, with over 150 bikes scattered across the FCT. With efficient deliveries, this has helped create jobs for people who were left without jobs.
Don’t fail to call us today for your immediate services, as your satisfaction is our priority.
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Meet the CEOs via social media @gabrehllz and @kelvin_of_abuja on all platforms


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