YALI recent Program title: YALI for school

To create awareness to secondary Schools about Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), also to mentor young people and to increase leadership capability in Young people age 13-16 Cross River State.

Program Date
11th November, 2022.

Event Summary(Description)
YALI was introduced the schools present and then different Speakers for the event. Our first Speaker UKet Fridaygave an insightful talk about maximizing smartphones for quality education, then the Second speaker , Elizabeth Effanga spoke intensively about Education USA. How it can be of great benefits to young persons still in Secondary School.

Moreso, our third speaker Valentine Solomon spoke on career development for Teens, he also talked about Self Discovery as an important aspect of finding oneself in other to develop a career, while our Fourth speaker, Joshua Ogah talked about the roles of CSO/NGO in bridging educational gap in Cross River State, he went further to brief us on the Objectives of CSOs and NGOs.

Afterwards we had a questions and answers session, then after refreshments were served. Some SDGs and Drug Abuse Booklets we shared to students as gifts for attending the event.

We had the closing remark and played some outdoors games.


The event was conducted successfully, helpful information was passed student an see you people and we impacted lives positively.

“I am really excited and I now the difference between a role model and a mentor”

Wonderful-God Inameti
Student…Unical Sec. School.

“I enjoyed the Affirmative words and the games helped meet connect with news friends”

Joseph Aniekan
Student … NYSC Sec. School

“I really would think through on the Education USA. I mean straight A’s is the requirement”

Umar Ahmed

Mission Goal,

To increase leadership capability in Young people.

Total number of direct Audience,

Gender presence
Male 8
Female 12

Targeted Age group,
13years – 16years

Targeted professionals,

Secondary school students.


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