Reply to Social Media Wailers And Those That Have Become Lawyers Overnight towards Dr. Betta Edu Aspiration

Betta Edu;

When sheer ignorance degenerates into pure political mischief, couched in sleazy slogans, guttersnipe language, and derogating doggerels, all with the mandate of the pull-her-down syndrome, especially from so-called social commentators, there is cause for serious societal concern.

Also, when an issue that is strictly within the purview of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has seen those same mischief-makers climbing the rooftop to literally cry more than the bereaved, Nigerians, and Cross Riverians cannot but begin to ask the pertinent questions.

Issues bordering on the National Convention of the APC appear to dominate political discourse in the past few weeks as 2023 approaches.

Perhaps, the most recent is the open attacks on the Cross River State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Betta Edu by social media wailers and those that have become lawyers overnight over her emergence as the consensus candidate for the position of APC Woman Leader.

Betta has become a grassroots politician in Cross River State. The commissioner, no doubt is a very young woman who has shown classic leadership skills.

Her approach to issues has demonstrated enormous potential for a lot of ventures including leadership.

It is self-deception to expect the commissioner who is wallowing in affluence courtesy of her tremendous impact in the country to succumb to cheap blackmail.

However, the major objective of this piece is to try as much as possible devoid of sentiment to correct certain misrepresentations but NOT to join issues with anybody.

Furthermore, Article 20 (i) (a) of the APC Constitution also gives room for the emergence of candidates through consensus with a proviso that ‘a vote of yes or no should be called to ensure that it was not an imposition which could breach discontent and crisis.’


The young commissioner was nominated as a result of the micro zoning of positions into the National Executive Committee member of the APC for the South-South geopolitical zone.

After several hours of brainstorming, the woman leader aspirants chose Betta as a consensus candidate. It behooves my imagination why someone will sit at the comfort of his home to say that Betta hijacked the process. Is Betta the Cross River State APC Chairman?

Furthermore, it is utterly saddening for the concerned wailers to have delved so morally low as to describe Dr. Betta Edu as one that desperately wants to get everything to herself. They should have known much better.


Contrary to that erroneous insinuation, those who have had the opportunity to meet with her on a personal basis would testify to the young commissioner as being imbued with virtues of humility and commitment to the service of humanity. These are inborn attributes that have seen her rise to become the National Chairman of the Commissioners for Health Forum.

Truth is said, those who live in glass houses must never throw stones. And one should exercise much moral restraint; critically study circumstances surrounding decisions made by parties before casting aspersions. Honor must be given to who it is due. Dr. Betta has shown the capacity and has proven that she is deserving of the position. Instead of dragging her name on the mud, why not channel such energy to support her as the national convention approaches?

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The current conspiracy against the commissioner and by extension the Cross River State APC is one from the pit of hell, which will never succeed. Those involved are well-advised to channel their energy to worthwhile ventures, or better still, to engage in matters that would add value to the lives of Cross Riverians, who are unanimous in their applause for the proactive commissioner by her sterling achievements.



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