Biase 2023; House of Assembly only favours UMON SOUTH and EREI NORTH – Egwu DANIEL

Biase 2023; House of Assembly only favours UMON SOUTH and EREI NORTH – Egwu DANIEL


Zoning as a conventional process of electing Leaders is one of the best forms of democracy that breeds Peace and sustain unity amongst the people given that it gives opportunity for the marginalized people to also be in position likewise experience power and governance instead of depending on survival of the fittest pattern that is mostly found in the animals Kingdom

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Suffice to say that BIASE LGA is divided into two constituencies, which is BIASE West and EAST

BIASE WEST consist of the following political WARDS
•1) Erei North
•2) Erel South
•3) Umon South
•4) Ekun/Etong
•5) Abiakan
•6) Umon North

BIASE EAST consist of the following political WARD
•1) Abuyong
•2) Awungune/Okurike
•3) Akpet/Abini ward
•4) Adim ward
•5) Ehom ward

N/B: For 2023 elections, State House of Assembly goes to BIASE WEST, given that the underlisted wards have served their tenure in the State house of Assembly

••EREI SOUTH1999-2004 ••UMON NORTH~2004-2011 ••BIAKPAN2011-2015

The most qualified WARDS to contest 2023 house of assembly are;


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Morally and ethically the IKUN/ETONO WARD is not supposed to ask for any
position because they have the highest political office in the state at the national ( PDP NATIONAL WOMEN LEADER)

The Battle for who represents Biase at the state House of assembly should be for wards like EREI NORTH and UMON SOUTH, Which by history have not attempted it at all

Moreso, Reward system is very pertinent and fundamental in any association or organization given that it gives people hope that they can work and actually reap in future. And PDP as a party is known for rewarding her members hence the need for one of the Councilors to emerge as a flag bearer for the party in the forth coming house of assembly elections

And we should not be oblivious of the fact that Biase is blessed with erudite and eloquent councillors that never defected to the APC amidst threat of removal and non payments of statutory legislative votes (LV)

The Councillors are the life wire and major key players that has given strength to the party and in turn giving hope to the people that better days are ahead despite being in the opposition for the first time since 1999

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It’s no longer news that these Councillors have not collected legislative votes due to the drastic, critical and selfless decision taken just to support and help PDP as a party to stand in the face of opposition and trial

Great people of Biase amongst these noble men of high repute and integrity is Onun Hon Ralph Egwu, the councilor representing the good people of EREI NORTH whose endorsement from his colleagues and ward Executives of the party came as a result of competency, accessibility, Honesty ETC

As party (PDP) faithfuls and stakeholders let’s not forget this word OPPOSITION. we need a credible, competent, acceptable, popular and
experienced legislator who is known with both business and houses address, loved By all across the Local government, beyond ethnicity or party affiliations. Onun Hon Ralph Egwu is already a self sellable market that won’t be difficult to market thus ensuring landslide victory at the polls come Biase 2023

As we proceed to primaries and general elections, let’s consider the the general interest of Biase and the party first before our own personal gains

Egwu Daniel


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