Crucial update to all flooded victim before cleaning your home


Dear All,
Most of us are victims of the flood in Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers State respectively. We’ve been pushed out of our homes & workplaces by the water for weeks now.

Thanks to God that the waters are fast receding.

We must note that these abandoned spaces must have been refuge for rodents and reptiles, displaced from their own homes by the same flood. Please take note of these key steps before re-entry of your apartments/offices/shops.

● First entry should be done during the day when there is sufficient light and warmth. Leave doors and windows wide open.

● Do not enter quietly. You might have “new occupants”. Announce your presence by banging on doors and stamping of feet. Make some noise. Let them know of your return.

● The water took the lower parts of your house/compound, so these rodents/reptiles must have gone as far as your ceilings, wardrobes and inside furniture that were lifted, to take refuge. Use of insecticides or repellents (such as carbide) is highly encouraged. Throw these in the dark corners of your apartments also.

● Unpacking of properties must be done carefully with extreme caution. Expect the unexpected. Handy sticks or Cutlasses should always be within reach. Also, keep your emergency exit free, if need be for you to run out. Confrontations should be your last option.

● Do not use toilets & sinks immediately. Carefully wash and inspect them. Flush multiple times before use.

● Fumigation of sewage pits, surrounding bushes and roofs is highly encouraged.

● Do not pump water directly to your overhead tanks immediately. Disconnect your tanks and run the borehole for a while, inspecting the quality of water being pumped.

● Do not use electrical appliances & switches immediately. Your switches must have been bridged/damaged. Have an electrical technician inspect them for you to be sure they’re safe.

● Do a joint walk around inspection in and out of your homes, to be sure walls, fences and other minor structures are still intact. Some might be waiting for a slight push to fall, which could cause injury or death.

We can’t be careful enough but we can avoid some incidents. Let’s all stay safe.

I pray God gives us the strength, speed and resources to bounce back stronger.

Kindly share with friends/relatives for continuous learning.


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