Cynthia Maduekwe SYNW-UCC Cordinator shares a review about the just concluded online brand summit with 8 expert speakers

Cynthia Maduekwe SYNW-UCC Cordinator

A BRAND is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that distinguishes one seller’s good or service from those of other sellers. – Wikipedia
Visibility the state of being able to see or be seen.
BRAND VISIBILITY is the rate at which your brand is seen by your audience through various marketing channels like social media, search .

IN THE BUSINESS TO BUSSINESS – B2B space, marketing your product or service has to be more impactful in spelling out the reason for your brand’s existence. There is greater need to increase your brand visibility to not get lost in the crowd. Some of the most important points to remember while charting out a brand visibility and customer engagement plan for increased brand awareness and visibility are listed below;


This is the first step to gaining visibility. What field do you want to function and be known for? In tech, education, media, agriculture/ food industry? Carve that niche so that your audience can easily contact you if there’s an opportunity nearby.


This is the second most crucial factor that determines the reason for a brand’s existence. In other words, if you can answer some of the following questions, it will give you the meaning and purpose of your brand.
Here’s a brand visibility questionnaire that you could follow;
• What gap does it fill?
• What problem does it solve? 
• Is it solving a generic or specific problem?
• How far is the stated problem being solved, in part or in its entirety?
• To what extent or length is the solution applicable?
• What value does it add to the existing barrage of information in the digital space?
• Is it a first mover or an alternative? 

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    Identify the markets your brand caters to and build a sound social media marketing strategy around them. E.g Education, Tech, Food, Lifestyle, Design, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship etc..
    Which markets does your brand cater to? Which are the ideal social media platforms for branding? E.g Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok etc..
    For someone who shy away from Liking, commenting or sharing other people’s content with the mindset of helping to promote their brand for them. That’s weird! Haha Let me shock you! It gives you more visibility when you engage on people’s posts. Always do that atleast 5 engagements a day.
  3. Invest in Good and Professional Photos.

Take some time, visit a studio nearby to take nice photos what defines the kind ofnpwrsonality or brand you want to be identified with. You could be a musician, poet, educator, activist etc. Good photos attracts.

    Demarcate the category, segment, or industry in which your brand is available.
    Clarify the industry, segment, or category your brand belongs and caters to. Create a complete guide for industry research. This helps in identifying potential clients faster. Your sector is where your market lies, that market is where you will find your customers. Keep floating your brand up there, push notifications and cross-referrals will enable wider reach and increased visibility. For example, if you operate in the B2B financial domain, you are bound to appear in other related financial spheres like banking, insurance, microfinance, and more. However, you need to ensure it happens. This spreads the scope of brand visibility across segments and categories.
    Ensure ease of navigation and a user-friendly interface.
    Every brand wishes to rank high on a user’s most navigable interface list. All customers look for an easily pilotable digital space that offers them a smooth arrival to their intended destination with no stopovers. One of these ways is to run display ads. Display advertising is important because mere visuals do the job of conveying your message. If your brand can provide that as the very first experience, consider yourself well in the game. And while you do that, experience the increase in your brand visibility metrics while the leads pour in! 

In all my communications, I try not to have unhealthy arguments. When giving critics in your engagements, remember you have control over your opinion and not others. Never try to persuade others negatively to take sides with you in an argument. Internet never forgets. Try to make the social media space conducive and safe for others. I have been identified as someone who chats, speaks and engages in a certain way. Note that every content you share has an underlined undertone description of your personality, mood, attitude etc only psychologists can relate.

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Brand visibility is extremely crucial, especially in these digital times as it helps your relevant audience know about your existence in the market. Having good brand visibility helps you grow your business in different ways.

What is the 4-1-1 rule for social media content?
We’ve already mentioned the importance of sharing quality informational content. 
According to Pulizzi who named his content marketing rule after the American informational phone line, 411.
4-1-1 is a simple rule of thumb that divides the information you share into three types:
4 pieces of curated content, shared from external sources.
1 piece of original content, produced by you.
1 piece of promotional content, aimed at making sales.
Start with four posts to generate engagement and build a relationship with other content producers. That could include popular industry blogs, influencers, and even competitors! Next, show off your own expertise with an entertaining, educational piece of in-house content.
Finally, mixed in with those five pieces of content for content’s sake, you can post one promotional piece.
Think of it as the golden ratio of social media content. Of course, you don’t need to share the different content types in any particular order.
Just make sure that for every six times you post, there are four curated pieces, one original piece, and one promotional piece.

How best can we improve our Brand Visibility and also, how can you monetize brand visibility?
But the truth is, to measure your brand visibility, you need some yardsticks like;

  • Profitability
  • Sustainability
  • Network
  • Awareness Index
    Aesthetics etc..
    Your colours and choice of images is very crucial to your brand visibility.


How much does your brand generate? Or how much can it generate?
You need to be able to measure this by the value of your content and consistency.
How can you measure your SUSTAINABILITY?
Don’t jump to create a brand you will not he able to sustain.
Always pick something you can represent for a long time.

    Your Brand’s viability is largely dependent on your network.
    You need to build your network *upwards, *sidewards* and downwards.
    People above you will always be able to lift you, so associate with them.
    People on your level will be easier to access. They can help you spread the word faster.
  • Downwards;
    People below you will always be willing to help if you show them kindness.
    These are the easiest channels of promoting your Brand.
    This is a term I like using to refer to the measure of your performance.
    How well is your brand doing?
    How does it rank on search engines, social media channels etc.
    You will need to utilize the power of technology to achieve this.
    To Build Brand, you need 3 C’s…
    Well these C’s has worked for me and sure will it work if applied well;
  • Content
  • Consistency
  • Collaboration
  • 1. CONTENT
  • To be able to monetize your brand you must be a good content developer and good story teller .
  • Yes, for you to keep your audience engaged always you need to develop good contents with good graphics.
    Time and consistency matters in building a good brand.
    Like emphasized, you need a time table for your content.
    You need people to build your brand.


  1. Having a simple means of identification, that is your name has it explanation on what you offer.
    What I mean by this is having a good name that speak of the company even without the CEO being there or staff to explain what your services are. If you check well people bear lots of company names that has lower effect to what they offer. Sometimes for the personal brand or page you might be using your name as the company ID but this will give u more stress that who’s using a fitted name that explain their business services
  2. Easy access to spell and pronounce
    This is another great part to look into when naming your company or u nerd great visibility. The country is lazy, and what do ever stress them their interest reduces. Why because that your services can also be rendered by another person and that person can be access fast on any platforms without stress
  3. Easy access to a layman on social media
    Today the world is going digital and most people don’t call to ask friends about a Brand, all they do is search for that your company name on any social media platforms. With what they see and hear in your page even without the CEO seeking for affiliate marketing they can communicate to the company direct for business…
    Remember social media is a platform that describe one as been known to the world especially having good representative that speaks nice about your firm.
  4. Availability of content related to your brand name
    Some companies have social media platforms but no content about what they do, their experience,their activities are not posted there.
    At that moment if a client search about you and a page is available with nothing to show off, the level of rating will reduce because it will look as if they focus on a particular sector or the name Is known with no activities which is zero brand to some people/client.
  5. Consistency to any means your company is using to reach the public. Consistency is the key to all company to have a trending phase on that services they rendered no matter the amount of people that are involved in such services.
  6. Strategic planning Everyone is known yo be good in one way or the other, and this is the best part a company need If they want to grow fast by having different talented people to be creative on that services the company rendered.
  7. Know who is needed to grow your dream as the CEO Concerning this aspect, even in the country today Alot of firms and political offices fall off because of emplying out of love or relationship. without focusing on the aim of the company or firm by employing people that has experience qualifications.
  8. Tell the world about your business This is where creativity and ideas come in to the world know about your company and services you rendered. MEDIA RESTRUCTURING: Is easy but costly because paid advert will be involved and rebranding using different means of reaching the world as its mostly needed.

Brand visibility is brand awareness
Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand under different conditions.
Everything from an ad online to your website to client interactions to your actual work quality will affect how the marketplace views your brand.
Building a brand takes a lot of work and time. Coke wasn’t put into the marketplace yesterday!
Once you’ve identified what makes your brand different and what you want your brand to represent, it’s time to build your brand awareness and brand visibility.
Building brand awareness and visibility will help you capture more leads and ultimately business.

How to build Brand Awareness
There are a several ways to achieve brand awareness and visibility. They include;
1.Ads(Advertisements): As a short-term campaign, targeted ads can help gain visibility for new or newly repositioned brands.
Ads are available on social sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as search engine results pages such as Google Ads.
ad copy creation will help keep budgets from getting out of control. These methods need to be closely monitored to see the success of your reach while staying within a budget.

  1. Be active on social media:
    Your brand should have a Twitter and LinkedIn profile that you can share content from. Some persons also use Facebook and Instagram.
    See where your potential clients are (by asking) and make sure your firm is represented on those channels.
    You can gain brand awareness and visibility by frequently posting content that is useful to the target client and making sure they see it, through hashtags and groups. Twitter allows users to search for news and information through #hashtags, so by using hashtags that relate to issues your firm can address, new audiences will be able to see your brand and your expertise.
    Groups can be utilized – join groups that your target client/audience will be in and participate in conversations. This will allow you and your expertise to be seen.
  2. Blog posts:
    By creating blog posts that are keyword optimized, you will showcase your brand when target clients are using a search engine to find answers to their problems.
    You will reinforce your brand expertise by discussing issues your target clients are facing.
    You can also expand your brand awareness by securing guest posts on other blogs that your potential client reads (such as Inc. magazine’s blog) and linking back to your website.
    Achieving brand awareness and brand visibility is an investment.
    It takes time and resources to become a brand that people recognize for a certain expertise.
    By consistently getting your firm out into the marketplace and being in the places that you know your audience is, you will be able to showcase your authority on a subject matter and earn the brand trust that can make your brand successful.

The basics of social media etiquette
The demands of social media etiquette differ from one platform to the next. For example, reposting someone’s content on Instagram requires much more care than retweeting someone on Twitter.
On the flip side, there are some basic dos and don’ts that essentially apply to all platforms:

  1. Don’t be overly promotional. Try not to message all your customers asking them to buy your products and avoid sharing constant advertisements on your page. Make your social profiles a blend of promotional and valuable content.
  2. Avoid over-automation. While scheduling your posts in advance and automating analytics is helpful, don’t automate everything. Some things still need a human touch.
  3. Handle your hashtags carefully. Avoid using too many hashtags at once. Even on Instagram, where you can use 30 hashtags in a single caption, it’s important not to overdo it.
  4. Don’t bad-mouth your competition. Don’t be petty. Saying negative things about your competitors online will harm your reputation more than it hurts theirs.
    5.Be authentic and genuine. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Remember that your customers can learn whatever they need to know about your brand online today and things like authenticity can definitely go a long way. How to build your brand as a writer on Social Media
    Brands, organizations, and institutions use social media platforms every single day to connect with their audience, raise awareness, and drive leads and business.
    With an engaged following on one or more of the major social networks, brands can effectively spread the word about campaigns, new initiatives, and new products and services. However, simply having 1,000 Facebook fans or 200 Twitter followers is not the best indicator of social media success.
    It’s possible to have thousands of followers who never read your posts or click on your links.
    The key is to build a thriving online community of your ideal fans, the ones who’ll actively engage with your content, share it with their networks, and ultimately, become paying customers.
    It takes work to establish such, but that effort can pay off, big time.

Ten Simple Ways To Build An Effective Brand As A Writer On Social Media

  1. Choose the Social Media platforms that work for you
    The moment you decide to come out of your shell and build an effective brand as a writer on Social Media, choose at least two Social Media platforms that work for you, learn how to use them and be active in promoting your brand and connecting with other writers in your niche.
    For example, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’m active on Facebook and Instagram. Choose yours and be active and consistent.
  2. The most important thing you should do right now if you haven’t done it already…
    Make sure you have a professional profile photo across your channels.
    3.Use your real name.
    Make sure your bio tells your audience exactly what you do and what your skills are.
    If you write romance, you can write: I write intriguing romance stories set in Ghana.
    If you solve problems for businesses using your writing skill, tell us exactly what you do.
    Example: I create content that helps businesses reach a wider audience and sell their products and services.
    This is how you project a professional image.
    Clean your Facebook profile.
    Here’s the truth; the Facebook profile of many writers are dustbins. You and 99 others. You and 50 others. Posts like this fill your timeline.
    Others are shared posts of the religious activities of your pastor who is also busy promoting his own brand on Social Media.
    Are you the owner of your Facebook timeline or have you given the people who are tagging you every day on their own posts the control of your Facebook account?
    Here’s the truth; you are confusing your audience if you keep doing this. How will people know that you are a writer if you don’t tell them?
    Here’s a question you should ask yourself: if people go through your timeline today, will they know that you are a writer?
    If you want to build an effective brand as a writer on Social Media, clean your timeline. Go to your Facebook setting and change the tagging option so that if someone tags you on their post, you must approve it before it appears on your timeline.
    Stop sharing other people’s posts except when it is absolutely necessary. Are you helping your pastor to promote his own brand or are you ready to promote yours? You can’t do both. Your posts should be consistent with who you say you are. If you want to build an effective brand as a writer, your posts should revolve around writing.
  3. Become a content machine
    When you start creating valuable content, stay consistent. I advise that you make posts in your niche everyday. That’s the requirement right now. It’s like a pastor growing his church. You need to maintain that energy. If you are using Facebook, that’s your platform. Your audience are like members of your church. You need to keep feeding them value.
    If they like your brand, they will start sharing your posts. Soon, they will start telling their friends about you. Soon, they will start recommending you to companies who need the services of a writer.
    Do this this year, and you will transform your brand. Change the way you use social media. Use it as a producer, not a consumer.
    The rule of thumb is to BE AS WIDELY KNOWN AS POSSIBLE… whether it is your idea or passion or business or goal.
    This is marketing. Nothing beats marketing. This is the best way to promote yourself and what you do.
  4. Include a visual (a good image) with every post.
    Visuals are high-performers on social media, so be sure to include an eye-catching, colourful image or graphic with each post.
    Consider these visual marketing statistics, compiled by HubSpot:
    • Content with relevant images rack up 94% more views than content without images.
    • Compared to other types of content, visual content is more than 40x more likely to get shared on social media.
    • Instagram photos showing faces get 38% more likes than photos without faces.
  5. Share more video content
    Video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform, so if you can, it’s a good idea to create at least some form of video content to maximize engagement.
    Be sure to upload your video directly to your platform of choice, rather than posting a link to an outside website (like YouTube). This way, your video will autoplay as people land on it while scrolling through their feeds, grabbing more attention.
    Lots of views can lead to increased reach, engagement, and exposure for your brand.
    I advise you to start going live on Facebook and Instagram. Post 30 second videos on your Whatsapp status. Use Facebook and Instagram reel.
    Talk about yourself and your work. Blow your trumpet so that the world will know what you do.
  6. Use Relevant Hashtags to Expand Your Reach
    Hashtags help you grow your audience by linking your posts to trending topics. Most social media networks highlight trending hashtags and let you see other posts that use those hashtags. When you use a hashtag that is trending, people who are not yet your followers, but who are interested in the trending topic that you are posting about, will discover your posts.
    A 2017 experiment by Agorapulse found that Instagram posts that used hashtags had 70% more likes and 392% more comments than posts that didn’t use hashtags.
    Stay true to your brand when using hashtags. Don’t post about something that’s trending if you wouldn’t normally talk about that topic. If you are using Instagram, make sure every post you make contains hashtags relevant to your content. Include hashtag about your brand name in your facebook posts too.
  7. Be Authentic
    It’s sad that many writers use fake names, pictures and addresses on their Social Media accounts.
    They do that and still expect to connect with readers and other writers.
    Your Facebook name is It’z Petriz. You don’t have a picture on your profile. In your bio, you stated you live in Houston, in United States but one look at your Facebook timeline shows that you live in Sokoto, Nigeria and that everything about you and who you say you are is fake.
    Here’s a message for you to wake up and be real. In this time and age, your Social Media profile is your CV. If it’s messed up, you may lose huge opportunities because organizations and individuals who would have loved to work with you would decline when they discover that you are not authentic. Use your real name and picture. Your bio should show that you are a writer.
    Your posts should be consistent with your core message and your brand. Be professional in what you post on Social Media. Readers want you to be professional. Approach writing with professionalism.
    With technology and the internet, the world is now at your doorstep. This is the internet. This is Social Media. You don’t know who is watching. Always put your best out there.
  8. Build long lasting relationships

Social Media will give you the opportunity to come out of your shell and join trusted writing communities like AFCREWA and others. As you do this, connect with other writers all over the world and comment meaningfully on their posts. When people know you support and care about them, they will support and care about you too.
Remove the people who should not be your friends on Facebook and connect with writers and authors in your niche.
Connect with people who have reached where you want to go to and you will get there faster than you thought. Surround yourself with highly productive writers in your niche who have built effective brands as writers on Social Media and are getting huge results and continue to learn from them. You will be the next writer everyone will celebrate.
When you build an effective brand as a writer on Social Media, you will get to your destination faster that you thought possible and achieve amazing success in your writing career. Here’s the best news; as you build an effective brand as a writer on Social Media, you will automatically build the right audience – readers who will keep supporting you and would keep buying your books every time yoou publish your work.
10. Ask yourself, what problems can I solve with my writing skill?
Don’t just be a passionate content writer or fiction writer. If I was just like that, I would be broke today. To master the business of writing, you need to solve a problem using your writing skill that can help you attract wealth. Even the bestselling authors you admire provide writing services for companies. Others are editors and ghostwriters.
Can you work with a company as a writer?
Can you be a social media manager? Can you help other businesses grow their brands by creating valuable content in their niche? Can you do ghost-writing? Can you edit another person’s manuscript? These are ways to attract wealth as a writer.
In today’s digital world, brands and businesses need to create content in order to capture the attention of their target audience and sell their products and services. They need writers urgently to help them achieve this.
If you have these writing skills, how will individuals, organizations and your followers know so they can recommend you or seek your services?
If you are determined to wear your business hat properly, here’s what you should do?
Create your own brand where you specify writing services you provide. Give it a name and register it as a business name. Introduce yourself and your services on social media and boom, you are in business.
Once the first customer pays you and you deliver, know that you have activated it. As a writer, you are in a unique position to give brands and organizations exactly what they need – content with captivating storytelling which converts and generates massive income for the brand.
There are writers who have been booked for a whole year. They are paid a large amount of money every month to create content for brands on Social Media. Others are editors, ghostwriters, content creators for companies etc. You are better than most of them. But because they told the world what they can do and announced their writing services, everyone is now paying them.
If you can do something but no one knows, you will be a broke genius. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Go ahead and blow your trumpet.
When you build an effective brand as a writer on Social Media, you will get to your destination faster that you thought possible and achieve amazing success in your writing career.
Here’s the best news; as you build an effective brand as a writer on Social Media, you will automatically build the right audience – readers who will keep supporting you and would keep buying your books every time you publish your work.
Start today and do it right.
Cheers to your success.

So before you build a brand that you want people to be associated with, think of it as a person, what are your values, what do you want people to see when they look at you. Branding is a way of defining your business to yourself, and external audiences. It could be called your identity as a business, It embodies the core of what your business is and its values, not just what it looks and sounds like on the outside. A popular author said “every one of us is an individual whose character is made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define who we are and who we connect with. Our personality determines how we behave in different situations, how we dress and what we say” And the same can be applied to building a brand, it is important that you walk around building an identity and character for your brand. Something that communicates your value preposition as a brand.
A brand is an image people have of you, your product or company. Your brand is an identity, it embodies your values and core as an organization or person.
In creating a brand, you are trying to manage the expectations of your potential clients, give an impression, a lasting experience, a story to tell, something to leave them in awe.
A brand is a perception people have about your business. This one thing that strikes me about branding, the fact that it is people centered. It’s not about you, it’s not about how you feel but about how people feel about you. So it’s a fight to impress people not impress you cause you are not the one buying the products. Ever wondered why people say “Customer is always right”?? Because customers are the center of your brand, business, company, products e.t.c. So as a brand you have to be people centered. Whatever policies or strategies your brand is devising for growth and visibility needs to be centered around people, they need to be focused and tailored towards reaching people, driving leads for sale and adding value.
[5/8, 19:08] Coach: Good branding is strategic and by carefully constructing your brand through stories, relationships, marketing messages and visual assets, you have the opportunity of shaping your customers’ expectations and creating a unique bond that goes beyond the buying-selling relationship.
[5/8, 19:13] Coach: Fela Durotoye said they are 3 things people must say when the come in contact with your brand to convince you that you’re actually doing well and the 3 things include:

  1. Wowwwwww
  2. Ahaaa
  3. I’m blown away

You must creat that deep seated feelings within the customer. Branding is more emotional than transactional. There’s a lot of psychology involved because you need to speak to the customers emotions and feelings. Visibility is simply your ability to be seen, heard or recognized.
Brand visibility is the vehicle used to project a brand to prospective clients/customers, being able to capture the attention of prospects on their first interaction with your brand Aesthetics goes with nice graphics design and contents creation as an ardent believer in General brand cosmetics.Building a brand that people want to be affiliated with isn’t a walk in the park, you have to get it right! Your color, style, logo, brand design shouldn’t be about you but your ideal client. In branding, every detail matters. Your attention to details determines how much interactions your brand will have with prospects or the public in general. So your ideal client is the hero of your brand not you and the interest is to leave an experience with every client.
Who are your ideal clients?
What are their aspirations and goals?
How will they feel about this product?
Where will I find them?
What will I do to keep them?
These questions determine what branding strategies you build to drive visibility.
Understanding the mood board of your target audience is key!!
Those questions are very critical to determine how you interact with the people you’re looking to reach.

Key Tools for Driving Brand Visibility.

  1. Brand Aesthetics: Brand aesthetics includes a brands physical and virtual assets. A brand’s visual assets are all the front facing elements, such as the website design, fonts and typography, color palette, logo and ad designs as well as the packaging and unboxing experience you create while the physical assets are goods, branded bag packs, gift vouchers, complimentary cards e.t.c.
    Being an event consultant who loves to work with colors and aesthetics and sometimes when I pick colors for client, some clients don’t understand why I do that but there’s a psychology of colors, and that’s why people choose certain colors to be affiliated with certain brands. Colors are critical to how people perceive your brand. If I run a cancer foundation for instance, I won’t go and use black and red as my colors because I want to give people sunshine and hope, pink and white or even gold will be preferably. Why do you think companies make pink toys for girls and blue for boys?? Because they want people to easily recognize these items when they see them. Spider man is branded with Red and blue right?? Imagine buying a spider man toy for a child that is a huge fan of Marvels and that spider man is all yellow instead of blue, black and red??The child will reject it because the spider man colors he is seeing doesn’t match what he knows. In essence, colors are very critical in branding. So same way you brand needs to have colors that when people see, they easily identify the brand.
    2. BRAND MESSAGE: The essence of building a brand is to leave the customers with an experience, a brand message creates a deep emotional connection between the brand and a person. A brand message already communicates an experience that would leave me in awe and want to make me look up the brand.
    How many of us bank with access bank???
    So if ever you walk to a UBA machine and you hear “Oh oh oh oh one day you go make am”
    Won’t it be weird??? Of course because that’s an Access bank song, it is a song that has a very deep connection with Access bank customers now.
    So your brand message can be part of your motto, a song or just a catch phrase to help customers easily identify the brand. Consumers are looking for stronger relationships with brands, and this strongly depends on communication.
    Through brand messaging, it’s possible to transmit values, inspire, and generate the desire to buy.
    Niche market is very critical to help make your brand visible. Let people know you for something. You might be doing alot of things but make sure you actually have one thing you’re particularly good at. Google defines niche market as a segment of a larger market that can be defined by its own unique needs, preferences, or identity that makes it different from the market at large.
    It’s easier to be visible to a particular audience when you actually have a niche. Don’t be an onion seller today and maggi seller tomorrow and next tomorrow you’re an indomie seller, you will confuse prospects. You can actually sell all these things but make sure one of them is your main hustle. If you’re asked to introduce yourself it comes first before all others.
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE; Anybody can buy from you but not everyone is your target audience, Sell to everyone but build strategies that serve the people who’d appreciate your product. Make sure your brand values, preposition and even ads are targeted at a particular audience you’re looking to serve. You can only sell when you’re visible to the right audience.
    The essence of brand visibility is to drive leads so your marketing strategies must be tailored towards the people who need what you have. If your audience are on Instagram, doing an ad on Facebook will be a waste of money and a complete flop, study the demography of potential clients, their ages, what they like, the type of content they interact with, it helps you build social media strategies that’ll cater to them.
  4. CREATE GOOD CONTENT: This is where story telling comes in, you need to be intentional about the type of content you put out, your content determines how much value your customers will place on your brand. Good content includes your logos, designs and graphic content used to drive your messages or sell your product. I’m a sucker for good graphic design so I’d pick a professionally design content over a roughly done one.
    Please outsource things like content creating and graphic designing to people who do it on professional level. Stop trying to do everything at once.
    Everyone has roles to play in building a good brand, it’s not a one man thing so you must bring people on board who are aligned on your value chain to give your customers satisfaction.
    6. BE CONSISTENT: Someone spoke about staying in people’s faces and I agree, even when it don’t look like it, show up, even when you feel there’s little or no progress still show up. I was battling with 100 followers on my blog for 6 months. I was depressed on some days, I got tired but having a goal in mind kept my spirits high. One of the first things I said when I started speaking was “Build a believe system”. A believe system motivates you to wake up and show up even when it’s not convenient! I do a 9-5 and run over 5 businesses both online and offline but I have a believe system that helps me balance everything.
    Consistency really pays, and you know when you keep on posting somehow Instagram algorithm puts you on top newsfeed/explore pages, automatically your post is prioritized. So just keep showing up no matter how hard it seems.
  5. PLATFORMS THAT CATER TO THIS GROUP OF PERSONS YOU ARE LOOKING TO REACH: Identify platforms that can reach your target audience, also identify channels that’ll project your brand. So if you’re catering to a young populace, the use of reels, TikTok and videos can help spread the word faster.
    8. Use Hashtags; People underestimate the use of hashtags but I tell you, hashtags are very critical to boost your content online and give you a wide reach as well.
  6. SEO: A lot of people have talked about search engines. They make it really easy for you to be seen via search engines on google. Utilize SEO tools, google has a toolkit for that. This is a digital age and there’s really no time to slack. Learn how to use digital tools to boost your brand.
    Your ideal client is the hero of your brand not you. So the interest is to leave an experience with every client
    Be authentic, create an experience and give your customers excitement!
    Please we are in the 21st century so everyone should be on atleast 3 social media platforms.

Content Creation as helping in Brand Visibility
What is Content Creation?
Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona(People Centered), creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format.
Content is a large part of your everyday life. It’s hard to avoid, but why would you want to? Content keeps us informed, answers our questions, entertains us, makes us smile, guides our decisions, and more.
Content helps you attract, engage, and delight prospects and customers, bring new visitors to your site, and ultimately, generate revenue for your company.

Brands who have a great content creation that appeals to their audience makes better sales than those who have poor or dissatisfying contents.
The content you create for your brand either make or mar your brand.
Content creation are a core part of your brand and for you to be able to make your brand outstanding and appeal to the emotions of your audience, you need to give out a quality content that reflects the core values of your brand.

An example of how contents can be powerful. Remember the content created by bet naija ….”Baby my team is winning, and baby my team is loosing”.
To their targeted audience, the video was rather annoying and not satisfying enough. To them, it couldn’t pass on the message well as to why it is necessary to be part of the Bet naija.
The video was criticized and if you all had noticed, it was taken off after so much criticism.
Now that is how powerful content creation can affect your brand either positively or negatively.
People can decide to patronize your brand and want to experience the products you are projecting simply because you are able to put out valuable, educational and appealing content. Content creation is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. When you create content, you’re providing free and useful information to your audience, attracting potential customers to your website, and retaining existing customers through quality engagements.

Most basic level, content includes:

  • The information and/or experience
  • The medium/channel in which the information is delivered
    *Any beneficial features the medium adds to the information or experience.
    Note that, high-quality content inspires users to take *action* and can foster community and loyalty through interaction with the brand, its community, or both. Mediums of creating contents includes;
  1. Blog
    Blogs are meant to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience through the written word. When someone types a query in Google, the posts that pop up are usually blog posts.
  2. Podcast
    Podcasts are like listening to the radio, except a dedicated podcast host talks about dedicated topics, has guests, etc. These are especially interesting to listen to when the audience likes the host and wants to learn something from listening.
  3. Video
    Whether you want to post videos on social media or YouTube, creating a video is one type of content creation that becomes more popular as the years go by. Short-form and long-form videos both have their place in your content creation strategy, so it’s important to come up with ideas for this type of content.
  4. Graphics
    In your blog posts, or in your social media posts, you might want to post original graphics. These can be infographics, animations, etc. This type of content creation usually requires a graphic designer or at least a graphic design tool to help you get the job done.
  5. Content Offers
    Another type of content is content offers. These are templates, whitepapers, worksheets, or ebooks that your audience can download. This is gated content — meaning your audience will need to fill out a form and provide their email to have access to it.
    It is important to note that a professional graphic designer that understands the core value and vision of your brand and can translate your values or vision into graphics which will appeal emotionally to your targeted audience is HIGHLY needed. Most people have great products but poor graphics and therefore poor patronage or poor perception of the brand.

It is not enough to own a brand. What makes your brand outstanding is the content you create, the write ups you make about your brand, the videos, adverts and the likes.
If you do not know how to create good content, get a good content creator that understands the job because the content to give out will in turn affect your brand revenue and how people perceive your brand to be.



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