Hon. Nkoyo Otu SA Inter Party and Women’s Affair Pay a courtesy visit to AIG Zone 6


After the introduction of the Management Staff of the Assistant Inspector General of Police and the management team of the Special Adviser

Hon. Nkoyo Otu outline the following reasons why the courtesy was very necessary, in her words, she stated that, it’s essential to establish a strong relationships with key stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies like the Nigerian Police Force particularly the office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Zone 6 Calabar and she noted that a courtesy visit at the beginning of her tenure serves several purposes but not limited to the following:

Building rapport: Establishing a positive relationship with the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) will demonstrates mutual respect and sets a foundation for collaboration on issues related to inter-party relations and women’s affairs.

Communication: The visit would provides an opportunity to communicate our goals, priorities, and areas where cooperation between the government and law enforcement can enhance public safety and welfare, particularly regarding women’s issues.

Understanding roles and responsibilities: Clarifying each other’s roles and responsibilities will ensures effective coordination in addressing challenges such as security concerns related to inter-party activities and gender-based violence.

Seeking support: The courtesy visit allows for discussions on how the police can support government initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality, protecting women’s rights, and ensuring a conducive environment for political activities.

Establishing channels for future engagement: By initiating contact early in her tenure, will signal the importance of ongoing communication and collaboration between our offices, fostering a culture of partnership and problem-solving.

And she added that the courtesy visit to the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) is crucial for laying the groundwork for productive cooperation, fostering understanding, and promoting synergy in addressing shared objectives related to inter-party relations and women’s empowerment.

In response by the AIG Mr. Jonathan Towwuru, He admonish the Special Adviser that for her to succeed as a leader, some keys that she must adhere is to be time consurce, proactive, be inclusive in all aspects and also be security minded at all times and he also added that being time-conscious will ensures timely responses and actions. Proactiveness allows for anticipating issues and implementing proactive solutions. Inclusiveness ensures all voices are heard, security mindedness should never be overlooked and considered in decision-making processes, fostering collaboration and support across party lines and promoting gender equality initiatives. These qualities will enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and overall impact during her tenure.
While promising to provide her with all necessary security support and collaborations at all times when needs arises.

Highlights of the meeting was the presentation of Award to the Special Adviser to the Governor by the Assistant Inspector General of Police AIG Zone 6 representing Akwa Ibom and Cross River as the first Special Adviser to the Governor to pay him a visit and for keeping to schedule time.

In appreciation, the special Adviser to the Governor Interparty and women affairs Hon. Nkoyo Otu express her deepest gratitude for the award given to her and in her words
“I am deeply honored and grateful for this recognition from you Sir (the Assistant Inspector General of Police) for acknowledging His Excellency efforts in prioritizing safety and security. I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the award and the assurance of necessary security coverage. Collaboration with the police is paramount for the success of our tenure. We intend to work closely with the police force by fostering open communication channels, implementing joint initiatives, and providing necessary support to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a safer environment for all”.

The AIG thanks the SA and her team for coming and photograph were taken.

Written by:
Media Team to the Special Adviser Interparty and women affairs to the Governor.


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