Nigeria Institute of Social Media Analysts Award Gov. Umo Eno


Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno has been announced the “Social Media Governor of the year by the Nigeria Institute of Social Media Analysts (NISMA).

The award according to the Institute, is in recognition of effective deployment of ‘good’ e-governance engagement strategy by the Umo Eno led administration as a working model.

This and many more has earned his recommendation for the award by the Governing Council of NISMA.

NISMA is also pleased with Governor Eno for the manner he is merticulously pursuing the implementation of his ARISE AGENDA for the overall benefits of the citizenry.

A statement endorsed by the Chief Registrar of NISMA, Dr Maryam Hamza onbehalf of the Chairman, Governing Council of the Institute, reveals that the decision to select Governor Eno amongst other State Governors for the award was arrived at after a thorough selection process by the Research & Social Media Monitoring Unit of NISMA.

The Chief Registrar in the release, listed the Governor’s agricultural revolution policies which is a panacea for food sufficiency and food security in the State; the ARISE Shelter homes for widows and their children, tourism development, ecological projects, intervention in the education sector, as seen in the model primary schools across the State, as well as intervention in healthcare and provision of basic social amenities across the State.

The statement reads;


“I am writing on behalf of the Governing Council Member of Nigeria Institute of Social Media Analysts (NISMA), to commend you on the effective e- governance engagement strategy used in engaging the people of Akwa Ibom State and the Nation as a whole. It is quite impressive and a job well done by you sir”.

About NISMA:
“The Nigeria Institute of Social Media Analysts (NISMA) was established in the year 2018 and incorporated in 2022 in accordance with the CAMA Act (amended) and other extant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. NISMA was conceived as a high-level institution with the primary objective of evolving crop of intellectuals, and growing professional membership and network, for persons across all fields of life, who desire to distinguish themselves in the fields of social media management, and operate in tandem with contemporary realities.
The Institute provides a platform for research and cross fertilization of knowledge, learning and practice, especially as it relates to current and emerging demands in social media management. NISMA avails its teeming members a strong professional membership throughout Nigeria and provides framework for further development, international networking and a successful career in social media management. It continues to leverage its membership with the International Association of Social Media Analysts, best brains and experienced facilitators, in addition to its curriculums and well-attended programs tailored towards meeting emerging trends and best practices in the field of Social Media”.

“Brief Research Report:
For ten (10) months now, our Research & Social Media Monitoring Unit has carefully monitored the trend and tone of the social media in relation to the activities and programmes of the governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency, Pastor Umo Eno”.

“Our analysis of his reports on the social media in all sectors over time shows an effective deployment of good e-governance engagement to the people of Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria as a whole, and this is highly effective and commendable. We have observed that all the dividends of democracy which Governor Umo Eno has given to his people have earned him massive acceptability and he is effortlessly being cherished by his people having secured a favourable relationship with them through sustained good governance”.

“Riding on the governance compass of his administration, the ARISE Agenda, the governor has won the hearts of the governed which shows us that good e-governance engagement increases process-based trust by improving interactions with citizens and perceptions of responsiveness. Pastor Umo Eno’s good governance finds expression in his result oriented agricultural revolution policies which is a panacea for food sufficiency and food security in Akwa Ibom State. This is more enhanced by the food distribution programme to the poor and vulnerable members of the society, an initiative that has swelled the Governor’s E-governance rating on the scale to the last calibration”.

“This is being complemented by an on-going construction of ARISE Shelter homes for widows and their children. Under the programme, 400 homes will be built and handed over to these vulnerable people within four years. Already, most of the homes have reached various stages of completion across the 31 local government areas of the State, as we have monitored on the social media. Our analysis also reveal an aggressive rural development across the State where rural areas are turned into mini cities and urban centres through the provision of basic social amenities to the people. The act has stimulated development in these communities and rural areas. This too, has won the hearts of the people, and the model is highly recommendable”.

“Our Social Media Monitoring Unit has equally shown us how Pastor Umo Eno is turning a devastating scenario to a tourist centre through the ecological remediation of gully reclamation projects in the State. The social media is saturated with this. His intervention in education, as seen in the model primary schools across the State, as well as the healthcare and tourism development sectors are equally top-shelf, and yielding applause and commendations for the Governor”.

“Very importantly, Governor Umo Eno has deliberately and strategically restored smile on the faces of retirees in Akwa Ibom State, having approved so far, 16 billion Naira for the payment of gratuities and other entitlements for them. This gesture, which has been overwhelmingly positive on the social media, has built gargantuan goodwill for him. The icing on the cake is the Governor’s penchant for compassion and empathy, which is reverberating across the State, and beyond. He feels the pains of his people, and is always there for them and is always there for them in their trying times. The social media has overwhelmingly celebrated Governor Umo Eno on this rare attribute of a leader, which gives him out as governor of the people. The lists of his public relations determinants are humongous, and the world is looking his direction. A condensation of all of these has cumulatively culminated to building a towering good public image for the governor, leading to sustained positive reviews on the media space, organically”.

“This and more make us to deservingly recommend and award His Excellency, Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State as the “SOCIAL MEDIA GOVERNOR OF YEAR” We do this with all amount of objectivity and fairness, and devoid of any sentiments attached. We hope that this will spur leaders across Nigeria to serve effectively, and add value to the society through E-governance Engagement. Since the society has migrated to virtual Society”.

“While we look forward towards coming to give this award and also inspect this wonderful work done by you in Akwa Ibom State for record purpose, be rest assured of the highest esteem regards of the Chairman of the Governing Council pleases”.


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