Olom Solomon Abang Led Exco’S Scorecard From November 2021 To February 2022

The National Universities Association of Management Students (NUAMS) inaugurated the Olom Solomon Abang LED EXCO on the 2nd day of November, 2021.

The emergence of his administration which took over from the then President Jumbo Christian Friday LED Capacity Exco late 2021 after due confrontations, consultations and even consolidation was momentous as it came during a time where the association was undergoing restructuring.

Olom Solomon Abang, who initially had no intentions to aspire for NUAMS UCC President, was gunning to represent his dear Faculty at the 9th Legacy Senate of the Students Union Government.
However, due to unforseen circumstances, he was not shortlisted which actually led to his drive to serve his dear department, and thus, declare for presidency.

He was sworn into office by the then Chief Judge of the Republic of Malabor and well meaning stakeholders from the Faculty and department on this day, 2nd November, 2021.

On its advent, the core agenda of the Olom Solomon Abang Catalyst LED EXCO was the welfarism and education of the students, through an inclusive Governance and leadership system. Unfortunately, the strike came three months after his emergence which reduced the rate of the catalytic reaction, however, the administration achieved the following in three months;

•The administration liaised with the Head of Department, Associate Prof. Mrs. R. O. Enouh and other Professors in the department and Faculty to create the long awaited synergy and bridge the gap between the students and management. Which has been very productive from inception.

•The administration, which upholds the values of proper information in this 21st century, designed and installed a Public Notice Flex Billboard where Students can have first hand definition of the Visions, Mission, aims and Objectives of the said department. The Banner is located at the entrance of the Faculty Building (Business Management Department Block).

•You cannot underestimate the place of spiritual growth in the welfare of a student. This led the administration to organize and host a “One Day Prayer Summit”, the first of it’s kind, to dedicate the academic journey of students into God’s hands, while seeking for strength and Grace to follow.

•Subsequently, NUAMS UCC Partnered with Afrisavvy, a vocational firm, to host a Managers Discourse Seminar on December 11, 2021 tagged;

Awakening the Giant Within.

The town hall meeting was aimed at helping Student members and open up their minds to understand, and capture their real and inborn potentials, while harnessing them and utilizing it to fit in to our today’s world.
The event was co-hosted by Ms. Ekpenyong Blessing, Founder, Afrisavvy alongside two guest speakers Ms. Favour Abatang, Founder Campus Babe Initiative, First Class Graduate, Department of Philosophy, Unical and Ms. Jane Odey, 2021 Student Venture Prize winner, Graduate, Department of Radiography, Unical. The speakers shared life experiences, as well as spur up the students to rise above their status quo and dare to be different.

•The workaholic President would stop at nothing to run an inclusive Governance whereby every student feels a sense of belonging. NUAMS Catalyst, as he is fondly called, constituted an 8-man committee, which he appointed different aides to assist a smooth administration and administrative year.

•The Olom Solomon Abang LED Catalyst Exco, a socially driven one dedicated to improve the welfarism of the students through extracurricular activities, hosted the Biggest Movie Night and Games Fiesta which still lingers on to refresh the minds of students till date.

Today Marks his one year anniversary in office. “We cannot be grateful enough for the moral support, cooperation and understanding you have given me, he said. We were able to achieve all these and still counting because of you all. We couldn’t have done it any better alone, he concluded.”

The administration, before and after the industrial strike action left a good legacy. Despite all the challenges faced by him and his executives, The President assured us he will continue to be steadfast and commit to serving selflessly, which delivery on the mandate on which he promised the people.

Long Live NUAMS UCC!

Long Live the Olom Solomon Abang Catalyst LED EXCO!!

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!



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