SOFT OPENING OF De Grand hotel and rooftop IN CALABAR

De grand hotel and rooftop

De Grand hotel and rooftop is a bespoke project with unique features that transcends expectations

We kicked off the project with lots of determination and high expectations even though we had limitations in our space but with my team of brilliant and creative engineers (Fallobs construction concept and Sparkmen integrated projects limited) we made magic out of our space that will be a marvel, a place of comfort and an admiration to our teaming potential customers.

Dj factor at De Grand hotel and rooftop in calabar.
With the audacity to create something unique and elegant, we never envisaged the blessings of nature that awaits us. At the 3rd floor we saw the open sky with a towering elevation above every building around and that is when it occurred to us the reason why the location for the project is called Diamond hill and by divine providence the plot was situated at the peak of the hill.

The rooms are designed and elegantly furnished to meet expectations of different categories of our customers to give them a comforting experience.

Our rooftop which seats at the 4th and 5th floor is the work of nature and the source we derived our name (Grand) the view at the rooftop is a grand view of calabar metropolis in its beauty and captivating allure

Challex d boss at De Grand hotel and rooftop in calabar.

The view from the south captures the calabar landscape where you can watch the flights land and takeoff into the ever beautiful sky of calabar

The view from the north captures the calabar river in her grandeur flowing through the ravine and thick forest which empties into the Atlantic Ocean

The icing in the cake at the rooftop is our risotto continental cuisine to cater for all kind of taste buds and a serene atmosphere that brings our clientele to their true nature and essence where you listen to best sounds and music.

Security been a major challenge in the country now is not a worry for us because we are positioned in the most secured environment in calabar, been a neighbor to the Nigerian navy 1003 senior staff quarters that house the war college quarters. The commissioner of police house and the headquarters of state CID is just a stone throw from our location and majorly the seat of government is less than 4 minute walk away from us.

We have no doubt your next visit to the beautiful city of calabar will not be complete without a stop over @De grand hotel and rooftop and if you are lucky with a clear weather you might just have a pip at the beautiful majestic view of the Cameroon 🇨🇲 mountains 🏔from our rooftop

Please be our guest.

Location: 1, Felix Nsemo Drive , Diamond Hill, Calabar, Nigeria.

Call: +2349135319524, +2349055651631

Instagram: Degrandhotel



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