Why you should attend the NYCN-CRS Thanksgiving and stakeholder end-of-year engagement dinner.

Why you should attend the NYCN-CRS Thanksgiving and stakeholder end-of-year engagement dinner.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria Cross River State Chapter, humbly led by the Chairman, Comr. Dan Obo Jr., cordially invites the people of Cross River State to join the state youth council in celebrating and thanking God for the year 2023.

In fact, the year is coming to an end, and a lot of hard work and activities have happened within the year 2023, irrespective of the actions and activities that favor some and don’t favor others. It’s pertinent and important to call us all together in unity that is full of sweetness to celebrate our win again in the year 2023.

The Cross River State National Youth Council Thanksgiving and Dinner Celebration is open to all and restricted to none. We call on the people of Cross River State, irrespective of your gender and age, to honor our invitation.

You might not know the full activities of NYCN-CRS since 2023, but you will be told and explained more that day with facts. They’ll be an avenue for all to ask questions and share ideas on areas you haven’t cleared yet.

Let’s come together and make this day come to pass, as we’ll be having on our list the Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency Prince Bassey Otu, Rt. Hon. Peter Odey, Deputy Governor of CRS, Barr Ijom Charles, Commissioner for Youths, Justina Ovat, and many more.

Date: for Thanksgiving (17th December 2023)
Venue: Voice of God Mission (No. 3, Howell Street, Calabar South)
Time: 10am


Date for the dinner engagement
December 18, 2023
Venue: Axari Resort and Suite at Highway before Zone 6 police station
TIME: 4pm

This is the season of sweetness and a change from the norm. Let the youth get involved; the future is now.


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