WISDOM AND MONEY: Cynthia Maduekwe Share tips about the connection of both wisdom and money

Wisdom and Money: by Cynthia Maduekwe

Wisdom on the concept of money teaches us that in order to make more money, we must do something for our business if we want our business to do something for us. Getting this wisdom teaches us the technical know-how of how to handle money. In the words of Jay Scribes Ajaga, “Money is crucial to your existence, but in the process of earning money; you don’t need to discard your moral compass”. Those who discard their moral compass do that because they lack wisdom on money. Seek wisdom, while money will follow.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad said: “The reason why we have many poor people is because the concept of money is taught at home and not in school. It is possible to be educated and yet poor”. In school, we are taught how to pass exams. Wisdom then money is gotten when we are intentional and decisive enough to get it. This wisdom on money can be gotten from a petty trader, a carpenter, anybody at all. Not necessarily a professor or a rich person. Have you ever wondered why the rich will continally give you money each time you ask but will never teach or show you how to make money? It is because these things are deep secrets.

In conclusion, you need to devote yourself to learning if you need wisdom/money. Wisdom can only bring money when you follow the right channel. Proper application of the wisdom will bring money. Wisdom supercedes money as wisdom can help you bring more money. You need wisdom to make and control money. Wisdom is like a lost needle. The same way it is easy for a child to find it, same way it is also easy for an adult to find it. All you need is to shine your eyes, be intentional and put to practice all you have learnt and will learn.

The place of wisdom in money can not be overemphasized. The rich knows this, and the wisdom they have grants them the ability to duplicate their money in multiple streams. The wisdom you have on money will make your money last longer. One good thing I like about the rich is that despite their riches and the wisdom they have on money, they keep going for more wisdom / money and this will make them richer. Money no de do person o. It is true that what you don’t know is taller than you. Those who have little or no wisdom on the concept of money will have their money control them, instead of them controlling this money.

Another good thing about acquiring wisdom on money is that it teaches you a lot on money and when exactly to apply these lessons. It is not just enough to gather this much wisdom; we must put them to work (practice) even with the little money that we have. If it can produce result in the little, then it is definitely going to produce more in much. Wisdom shifts our focus from the results to the process. The process can produce several of those results. The rich never focuses on their riches (the result), rather they focus on the process (making more money). Any business that can give you one thousand naira can equally give you ten thousand naira.

Any business that can give you ten thousand naira can as well give you one hundred thousand naira. What you need to do is to focus on that thing that gave you the one thousand naira in the first place. Stop jumping from one business to another all in the name of multiple streams of income. Remain where you are and the blessings of that business will get to you. Be consistent, be focused, be intentional. Keep trusting the process. Sooner rather than later, the process too will trust you. Whatever it is that your hands find doing, do it with the whole of your heart. Remember, God has promised to bless the work of our hands. He will bless your going out and your coming in. He will bless your bread and your water.


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