Abo and Bashua Clan head Elections: A clear Evidence on Boki Paramount Ruler HRM Otu Fredaline Akandu

Abo and Bashua Clan head Elections in Boki Local Government Area.

By the demise of the said Clan Heads, a vacancy was created that traditionally and legally needed be filled by the selection of new Clan Heads as even Mother Nature abhors a vacuum. After observing the traditional mourning periods, the Paramount Ruler of Boki LGA, HRM Otu Fredaline Akandu through his Secretary, then summoned all the certificated chiefs of both clans, whom he adjudged eligible to vote, to his palace at Olun for the purpose of conducting the election for the stool of the Clans fixed for the 15th day of May, 2024(for Bashua) and 20th May, 2024 (for Abo).

On the day slated for Bashua Clans’ election, al hte certificated chiefs including the candidates for the elections and their supporters trooped and converged on the palace of the paramount Ruler and waited for the process ot commence ni earnest. The frontline candidates for Bashua traditional stool were Chief Raphael Ayuk Ogar and Chief David Akom Bekom.

To everybody’s chagrin and dismay, when the Paramount Ruler was ushered in by his Secretary to commence the process, he declared unilaterally that the election stands postponed for flimsy reasons and announced the immediate suspension of his Secretary whom he accused of campaigning for one of the candidates. Some aggrieved youths under the aegis of the National
Youth Council of Nigeria (Boki Chapter) suspecting some foul play then went and protested at the Paramount Ruler’s palace agitated by the swirling and explicit allegations of bribery made against the Paramount Ruler.

Following series of protests, because the Paramount had initially insisted the elections be conducted ni Calabar, a new date was finally given. By the new date, Bashua Clan election were ot hold at Bashua on 25th May, 2024 by 10 am while that of Abo Clan were to hold at Ogbagante by 2pm same day
At the elections that were subsequently conducted as aforementioned, following a peaceful, fair and credible poll, Chief Albert Agbor and Chief Raphael Ayuk Ogar were declared Clan Heads-elect of Abo and Bashua Clans, respectively, having polled majority of the votes cast at the election. The various clans have written letters to the Boki Traditional Rulers Council seeking for a date to formally present their newly selected clan heads to the Boki Traditional Rulers

For details continue reading here 👉Letter from Barrister Office

Other Evidence as

Abo and Bashua clan heads




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