Full details about UNICAL MOP Exams,Year1 A&B Registration and Withdrawal Exams

Unical MOP Exam is organized as an Amnesty Program where anyone who didn’t graduated because of poor academic performance or who is on Withdrawn or reprobation has the opportunity to come back to school,rewrite few papers that you didn’t do well in and graduate properly or return back to school if on Withdrawal etc..
The exercise will take place on the 20th of October but you are to meet your exam officer and know how many papers you need to write.


Everyone, kindly Read…..

From the moment the school Calendar was released, Students have been confused,some find it difficult to understand it…
Dnt worry,the full answer to your questions is here👇

Me trying to explain the newly released Unical Calendar to students

Year1 A are the newly admitted students
While the Y1 B are the current year one students..

TimeTable for MOP UP EXAMS

The unical mopup exams is meant for those students that had results issues.
Specifically for those facing withdrawal, probation and change program.

It is an amnesty move by the VC and the management to help out many students that have paid fees completely but were only inform lately that he or she was out of school far back yr1, 2 or even 3 while the person is already in his/her Final year an so on.

The GSS is specifically for those year 1 and 2 students that didn’t write the exam before embarking on Asuu strike during their first semester (2020/2021 Session ).

The exam is not for the newly admitted ones (Year1 A) , their main aim of resuming now is to start paying their fees and do their registration, their lectures will commence official from next month (November, 2022).

The two year 1s will have continue their semester smoothly.
While Year 1A is doing first semester,Year 1B will be doing their second semester…..



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