An Open Letter to all Central Senatorial Districts Legislative Leaders


Comr. Thomas, Joseph Ofem (JOT)

Respect to you great Leaders and masters of your arts, I hold you to very high esteem and regard, this is why I write you today openly, for personal reasons.

This action of me is never intended to demean you or your person in anyway what soever, but to let you remember that I (we) are your responsibility as your constituents.

Congratulations to you once more on your respective victory at the just concluded National and State Elections which birth your victory to the National and State Assembly by the means of majority vote declared by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Feel safe to journey with me in this letter to the end, as this may point you to remember setting fact and factors of a good leader, even as I intend to make this simple and explicit.

Thomas Joseph Ofem

Today we can boldly agree and attest to fact that during electioneering, not everyone will or maybe in the same agreement to electing Leaders of particular interests but in the concluding end, the must be one person to emerged as the winner in any contest which you are all very privileged to be, we bless God for it regardless.

Our collective duty is to further give you the needed support, ideas and technical know-how to succeed and succeed well, which is why this letter is considered a light.

Firstly, I must sincerely appreciate you for taking out time to reading this piece, as i also will wish apologise to you should you find or feel anything ill about this letter to you, please do well to pardon my sagacity, but consider it an opinion from a courageous constituent to you for effective representation to your constituents in entirety.

Appreciations to you for your facilitations as means of empowerment to your constituents, ranging from Christmas food support, cash donations, three (3) days vocational skills training, trade equipments, bike, clothings jamb registrations, hospital bills support, etc.

Today, the dynamics of politice we see has changed from the original lifestyle or view point we see politics to be (the 30,000 empowerment agenda), this is born out of our inquisitiveness to learning more about the context or the subject (politics) and how it should affect our collective well-being positively.

We have seen very recent from the Southern Region within the state (Cross River), how your colleague had engaged to winning scholarships, jobs opportunities and securing health care services for their constituents regardless of there political standpoints, to study, get recruited and enjoying medical services even outside the shores of Nigeria, this is very commendable and should be emulated and priorities.

I have not also forgotten the sole responsibilities of the Legislative arm which is to make laws (i agree), but there is also the place for allocation of funds for the constituents welfare and support, which we agree you are doing your best but believe me great Leader, your best is not enough, I (we) wish that you do even more.

As an adage gose “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Truly, it’s never the sole responsibility of the President as well as the Governor to carter completely for the responsibilities of the entire state at once, the point you are there to see that by whatever means legally possible you draw it closer to your constituents. I (we) have the belief that you can do it and even more, this is why we are trusting you to go and get it for us, but this time bigger than ever.

Remember, we had got your promises during campaigns, consultations and townhall meetings, how it will be possible with you to transform intangible substance to tangible once, we still have no doubt in your collective abilities, this is why we will continue to give you the needed support to steering this ship to a smooth sail.

Our very respected honourable members, do remember we as a nation are going through difficult moments now, you have neither addressed us nor thinker in the direction of us even as we hope as a country to come out of it for the better soon, but should we look at the state of things now and forget the major issues before us?

Have you considered our children class room blocks in our communities, knowing that the rainy days are closed?
we know you are doing your best but it’s not enough.

Have you considered our primary health centres, that seem to be only hope of the common Man? What have you or will do differently there now.

Have you considered our aged parents whose buildings are dilapidated, waiting to be destroyed at the blow of any serious wind? Probably at night when the day is dark and no one could help? How do you wish to help address this concern.

Are you rather going to sympathise with them later to giving them relief material and pretend no one told you they ever existed?

Do you know the state governor is doing his best to making sure water is available, what exactly is your contributions to it and how do you intend our aged parents to get access to good water system again? We must compliment the efforts of the state government to be able to get it better in our Constituency.

Do you know brains, i mean good brains are within your Constituencies, with good results and better entrepreneur and entertainment skills but no adequate support for fund or job recommendations?

Will you still come to us holding the townhall meetings to enable you know what our problems are or you will be busy to delegating the responsibility to people that may filter our message as feedback to you (people who may wish to tell you what may please them), only to come back after three (3) to four (4) years from now pretending no one told you?

Do you know it will cost you not more than six million (6 million) to pay school fees for about thirty M.Sc students in Nigeria Universities if the fees were two hundred thousand (200,000) each?

Or do you not also value education at advanced levels, this are little things you can do and many more with ease, I understand your comfort should be considered, but if you truly say you are in service to us, you will remember you sworn to an allegiance never to allow you personal interests to distract or conflict your discharge of official duties. We are your responsibility and not beggar’s.

We have believe in you, you can do it even better than expected, then what maybe the fear, you can not build capacity in humans and go hurry (never).

Elections will come again, the dynamics has changed and we are growing in knowledge, innovations and information, keep to note that the hen story tells “you will continue to throw seed of corn on a hen but when it’s filled, there’s always a likelihood of resisting the next throw” we cannot continue with same approaches and expect to grow differently.

You can do better than we expected, we have not felt your Leadership since your assumption of office Sir/Madam you can do better.

Our prayers are always with you for better leaderships strategies, but I can not echo them all here but I bring them in part believing you will see the need to improve in your Leadership style and strategies.

Even without showing us your facial eventful pictures your programme and projects will speak volume.

Let me commend Hon. Cyril Omini James for yet a part but you can do more, and Sen. Asuquo Ekpeyoung from the Southern Region of Cross River State, keeping pushing don’t relent you will sure end well.

This is the time for executing and never the time for plan, stop making excuses and get to work, while we keep praying for you all.


I Write you as the spirit supplies an ultrasound voice.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live Cross River State
Long live Central Senatorial District
Long live Abi/Yakurr.

Comr. Thomas, Joseph Ofem JOT
Write from Cross River


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