Birthday Felicitation To The Distinguished Legacy Mandate SUG Unical Vice President 002, COMRADE OBASI CHINAZA JUILET!!


Birthday Felicitation To The Distinguished Legacy Mandate Sug Unical Vice President 002, COMRADE OBASI CHINAZA JUILET!!

Elon Musk rightly quoted that “If something/someone is important enough, even the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it.”

On behalf of the great SUG UNICAL Office of the Vice President Appointees, We are pleased to identify with you on this unmeasurable, memorable and historical day with tremendous and numerous joy, love and light, We wish to celebrate this remarkable day with you our dynamic Comrade Obasi Chinaza Juilet (SUG UNICAL Vice President 002).

John 5: 1-11 reminds us that “Where others struggle and fight to be blessed, you won’t do that, The Blesser himself will seek you out and give you what everyone else is fighting for”.

In this season and reason of life, our prayers and wishes is that as you grow in age through this stage of living and opening another page of existence, you will grow taller in wisdom, understanding, favor and good health/wealth also the Lord gives you unexpected surprises that makes up laugh , until tears of happiness runs down your face most especially during this phase of the world.

According to Matthew 7: 7-8, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; Seek, and you shall find; Knock and it shall be opened into you.” “For everyone that ask, recieves and he/she that seek, find and to him/her that knocks it shall be opened.”
As your Igbo name CHINAZAEKPERE In English is translated as GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.
The dreams, vision, mission, aim,goals and objectives God has put into your heart will be carried by your hands. May the Lord make your future your present and make your present your past and the difference between this birthday and your next will be as different as your night and day.

J. Buchen emphasized that “the role/rule of a great leader, is not to give greatness to human being but to help extract the greatness they already have inside of them.”
Indeed “nobody sees the stars during the day…but in the night, they’re visible.” Literally this means; ‘God knows how to hide you till it’s your time to shine because your Invisibility doesn’t mean you aren’t only means it’s not your time yet.’

Sincere respect with humble appreciation for being part of our life towards impacting and influencing the Exceptional Greatest Nigerian Students (Ever Conscious Malabites and Malabresses). Your outstanding growth, process and immeasurable contributions can never be forgotten because of the brand LEGACY MANDATE you’ve established, created and developed through effortlessly supporting/assisting in the welfare, security and fitness of/to the public(people) also positive words and actions can’t compare/contrast(contact) the gratitude we have but certainly through divine intervention, restoration, redemption and resources.
Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given to me as your Chief Press Secretary and your fellow appointees also for trusting our abilities to deliver, it won’t and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Once again, Much more wonderful birthday celebrations and delightful promotions, process and progress of success with much reaches, more riches, beauty, knowledge, competency, consistency, commitment and everything splendid.HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPACITY, DISCIPLINED, DEDICATED AND DETERMINED LEGACY MANDATE 002 SUG UNICAL VICE PRESIDENT COMRADE OBASI CHINAZA JUILET!!! Greater wins, links and God's blessings.


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