Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency Celebrates Dr Janet on Her Birthday

Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency Celebrates Dr Janet on Her Birthday

Today, about Four Decades agos, we were blessed with the birth of a phenomenal personality , a scholar whose God fearing attributes, dedication, easy going lifestyle, passion and desire has shaped the word “leadership” among young people not just in Cross River State but across the country.

Young Janet was privileged to attend one of the most prestigious Primary Schools in Cross River State, where she was moulded with good characters to support the homely training she enjoyed from her family.

Reports have it that, she never settled for anything less than the best all through her early days in school as she gained admirations from her peers teachers and contemplating, a distinctive trait she shares till this day.

Dr Janet Ekpenyong whose desire to see lives saved and cared for, developed her interest in medicine which warranted her to seek training both in Nigeria and in the diaspora returning back home with so many accolades and honours.

The first among other children from her family, it’s an undoutable facts that , the young Dr Janet Ekpenyong developed her leadership skills from caring for her siblings and building their capacities, of which today, she’s proudly celebrated.

In the quest for her to live her dreams and make them come to pass, she volunteered herself into serving her home state , Cross River State as she engaged in data collection, outreaches and supportive supervision in hard to reach areas of the state which broadened her knowledge on the challenges faced by rural dewellers as possibly preparing her mind to solving these challenges if opportunity calls.

She was part of those who drafted the state health insurance scheme and it’s policies, a social investment platform where the most vulnerable in the society enjoy health care services with zero commitments and no burden.

Someone said, “if you want to know the impact of Government on the people, check weigh the accessibility of leaders to the rural Communities”, Dr Janet with all the experiences gathered working with Dr Betta Edu was Appointed to head the most grassroot oriented agency in the state, the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency and consolidate on the gains of its founding fathers.

As leader of the Agency, Dr Janet built and developed a “web-chained” policy where all workers from top to bottom have a say and their ideas considered for an improved system and goals actualization.

She developed one of the most social mobilization team which compelled all health workers to service as social mobilization officers in “evangelizing and preaching” quality health care for everyone in their community.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Janet Ekpenyong unarguably led the most committed and dedicated health team in the country under the support of the His Excellency, Senator Ben Ayade and the then commissioner for Health, Dr Betta Edu in raising awareness on the most proactive ways of managing the pandemic, graciously, Cross River State was recognized as the state with the most improved and dynamic preventive approach in the country.

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Cross River State under her leadership ranked number one in vaccine acceptability and covid-19 protocols compliance during the first batch of the nationwide vaccination execise, by this, our state recorded the least death with regards to covid-19, all services in the Primary Healthcare Centres were delivered even in the phase of lockdown.

Recently, it was reported that the state malaria index had dropped as a result of regular sensitization of Citizens on the use of Insecticide Treated Nets, timely and religious distribution of anti-malaria tablets to all facilities in the state.

One area where the visible touch of Dr Janet Ekpenyong’s magnificent drive will ever be applauded is in the area of maternal and child morality , thousands of Women have now found reasons to register for antenatal services and deliver in Government facilities due to the bahavioural change in handling clients by health workers.

The leadership potential in Dr Janet Ekpenyong does not settle for average, as she ensures that Cross River State is highly represented in decision making processes by the National Health Council, National Primary Healthcare Development Agency as she is always present to fight for the rights of her people.

She has received numerous awards and recognitions notable among them are some from her Alma-Mata , Igbenidion University ,Okada, Edo state, Rotary and Lions Club for her generousity and humanitarian acts, the Efik leadership foundation, for promoting the Efik culture and tradition among others.

This grateful soul has always returned to her Alma-Mata to support them in one way or the other , Truely she never forgets and will never throw stones to those who held the lather while she journeyed up the stairs.

Dr Janet Ekpenyong is not just all about work, she has made it a culture to celebrate every worker in the office on their birthdays, attend their functions and support them in times of need…, This is the kind of leaders we desire .

From all of us here in the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency , we celebrate you and our desire is that, as you have served with all commitments and dedication within this period which you were assigned to lead, with visible results seen even by the blind, we pray that this good and fruitful turn be translated into a higher assignment to serve the state and her people.

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Happy birthday Dr. Janet Ekpenyong


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