The Cross River State Government in a bid to stop the Mance of illegal check points and Tolls in the state has begun a massive crackdown on such illegality

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Tolls collection Mr Bassey Ita Edet who led a monitoring and inspection Delegation to the Northern part of Cross River State have called called for an end to all illegal tolls and checkpoints in the state, In line with the Mandate of his Excellency senator Prince Bassey Edet otu.

The Team with the Mandate to enforce, inspect and monitor all approved Checkpoints and Tolls collection in the Northern Senatorial District to ensure compliance and Due process in tolls collection in CRS.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Tolls collection Mr Bassey Ita Edet who led a monitoring and inspection Delegation to the Northern part of Cross River State

Investigation from our correspondent Revealed that A total of almost 50 revenue subheads are used to get money from commuters on roads within Cross River State.

The Asst IRS coordinator/ task force chairman, Bekwara LGA makes it worst by abusing and bullying commuters who try to find out why the subheads are so many thereby amounting to high fees and levies.

From our investigation, Nothing less than 27,000 naira is collected from each vehicle carrying goods to or fro Bekwara, failure to comply results to impoundments, offloading of goods and passengers.

Passengers are harassed by Force Chairman’s thugs and boys. One of the victims (name withheld) told our Correspondent confidentially that IRS Bekwara Cordinator uses men on Military uniforms to harass and beat them up.” When did the military begin to meddle in State Internal Revenue Affairs? ” Said one of the Transporters who pleaded Anonymity

The Cordinator is said to be an academic doctor and lecturer in the University of Calabar, his name is Dr. Thrompson Omang.

They also revealed that there is a surveillance guy who’s name is Sunny, Sunny happens the Cordinator’s assistant, he collects 10k from each vehicle carrying goods.

Engagement with some of the workers on the road who plead anonymity, revealed that one of the main reason why the money is high now is because they bought some of the jobs/ Slots and their bosses want to atleast make their capital as the contract is just for a year.

Commuters are also complaining of the other road taxes in the other part of the state.

From observation , this is one of the major reason for the increment in the cost of food items and farm produce cultivated in Cross River State.

Some persons who have no idea on public administration are trying to tarnish the governor’s name, we’re sure that the IRS Acting Chairman and HE the Governor are not aware of all these wickedness Perpetuating by those they’ve given sub offices to function.

Speaking with some of the consultants who pleaded anonymity said, “the P.A to the internal revenue chairman sold majority of the subheads to them for two million naira each” The commuters were happy when the S.A to the governor on toll collection team arrived northern cross river on the 14th may but they were recalled for reasons we don’t know, as at the time of filing this report, the S.A toll collection number wasn’t reachable

Stakeholders have called on the Governor and the CRS House of Assembly to look into the matter, Call Dr. Thompson Omang to order or possibly replace him, reduce the subheads and regulate the amount of levies on the road. People are suffering with the current hardship in the nation, their acts does not allign with the People- First Agenda of the Governor of CRS.

The following are a few of the revenue subheads:

1. Consumer protection levy.
2. ⁠ Sand Landing levy
3. ⁠Economic development levy
4. ⁠Women and social development levy.
5. ⁠non cocoa produce inspection fee.
6. ⁠outgoing levy- 15,000 in Beten and 12,000 in Gakem produce point then 1,000 in each of the 5 IRS check points in Bekwara LGA.
7. ⁠ welfare levy
8. ⁠security levy
9. ⁠Daily operational toll levy
10. ⁠Proceeds Levy
11. ⁠ Towners Levy
12. ⁠Cargos levy
13. ⁠Surveillance levy – 10,000
14. ⁠ Road infrastructure- 6,000
15. ⁠ Consumer protection levy
16. ⁠Commercial levy
17. ⁠entry gate pass levy
18. ⁠local government taxes
19. ⁠Industrial development levy
20. ⁠Pollution levy
21. ⁠Cross River Urban development levy
22. ⁠youth development levy.


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