Don Clem Ename ; An inconsequential member of PDP- CRS PDP


From all indications, apart from his recent appointment as the DG for the PDP Northern CRS Senatorial campaign, Dr. Ehame remains a regular member of the PDP. It is therefore uncertain why in the course of a self-indulging discussion on Gov. Peter Obi and Gov. Wike (which he is at liberty to talk about) Don Clems decides to veer into the issue of the leadership of the PDP in CRS and South South. Such arrant flippancy from an otherwise inconsequential member of the PDP in the State is worth ignoring.

There is nothing in the PDP Constitution that permits a Governor of another State to become the “LEADER” of the party in a State other than his or her State. It is important to remind Don Clems that CROSS RIVER STATE is NOT RIVERS STATE and that GOVERNOR WIKE IS GOVERNOR OF RIVERS STATE AND HAS NO BUSINESS IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE PDP IN CROSS RIVER. Any attempt to bring Gov. Wike into the politics of CRS will be outrightly opposed and rejected. If Don Clems is laying an imaginery foundation for an exploratory visit by Gov. Wike, suffice us to remind him again that Cross River State is Not Rivers State and that PDP in CRS is facing its own version of Back2South agitation which was precipitated by Governor Wike and his stooges.

We therefore strongly believe that for Don Clems and his ilk, they have a choice to make and are at liberty to TRANSFER THEIR MEMBERSHIP TO RIVERS State under the leadership of Governor Wike.

The PDP in CROSS RIVER STATE is NOT in doubt as to who its leaders are and does not need Don Clems to speculate on the matter or misled members to work for non-PDP candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Should Dr. Don Clem persist in his public display of anti-party behavior, he will certainly get the WIKE TREATMENT. The PDP Constitution has clear provisions on how to deal with his unacceptable behavior which is prejudicial to the chances of ALL PDP candidates in the forthcoming 2023 General Elections.



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