How to Block WhatsApp hackers/scammer

WhatsApp hacker:

Stop calling on Admins to remove WhatsApp hackers or scammers, It’s a collective responsibility. The method am going to share does more damage to the scammer than ordinary removal.

They used link to join the platform, so it’s practically impossible to block WhatsApp scammers from accessing the platform, But there is a way to get hackers account blocked and deactivate.

Now Listen…

  1. Click on the offending scam post.
  2. Amongst the options that come up click on More.
  3. Amongst the next options click on Reply privately.
  4. This opens the person’s WhatsApp page. Click on the phone number at the top.

5 . This opens up his full accounts page, Scroll down to the bottom and click on Report and Block.

If 20 people do this we might be able to sanitise the platform faster. It does more damage to the scammer than ordinary removal. Together we shall make this life worth living 👌

Police Cybercrime Alert


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