NEW MUSIC; Sneaky Special New Music And Biography

Sneaky Special Biography and new music

NEW MUSIC: Sneaky Special finally drops his new single title “Decide,” Listen now.

Step into the vibrant world of Sneakyspecial, the ingenious artist renowned for seamlessly blending Afrobeat and pop genres. His latest single, “Decide,” delves into the intricate landscapes of relationships and decision-making, delivering a powerful message about the freedom to choose how love is expressed within partnerships.

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In this musical journey, Sneakyspecial weaves compelling lyrics and resonant melodies to emphasize the essence of mutual respect, understanding, and the empowerment of personal agency. “Decide” advocates for consensual and healthy interactions, urging listeners to recognize the profound impact of intentional decisions in matters of the heart.

A heartfelt anthem, “Decide” inspires both men and women to prioritize empathy, consent, and emotional well-being in their relationships. Sneakyspecial’s commitment to addressing these vital themes showcases his belief in using music as a catalyst for positive change and personal growth.

About Sneaky special:
Hailing from the rich cultural tapestry of Cross River State, Nigeria, Sneakyspecial infuses his music with the vibrant rhythms and influences of his roots, creating a unique Afrobeat and pop fusion.

Currently based in Oregon, USA, Sneakyspecial continues to bridge musical traditions, delivering an electrifying sound that resonates globally.

Sneakyspecial stands out for his unique fusion of Afrobeat and pop music.

Sneaky Special – Decide here:

His musical repertoire includes lively rhythms, infectious melodies, and a harmonious blend of elements from the African continent and contemporary pop.

With an invigorating energy, Sneakyspecial’s songs promise catchy hooks and vibrant instrumentals, offering a refreshing and enjoyable musical experience for fans across genres.


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