Pull Him Down (PHD) Syndrome Will Not Work On Rt.Hon. Joseph Bassey


Greetings and a happy new year to you.
This is a reactionary statement in furtherance to a purported attempt to misinform the public and slander the true character of our House of Representative Member Hon. Joseph Bassey aka Papa.

The message going round claims that our MP did nothing to appreciate his constituents during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. It goes further to query his whereabouts during the holiday season.

Ordinarily, as is his nature such propaganda should be ignored but we believe it is time to speak up against this evil intent about this God fearing “GIVER LIKE NON”.

For the record, Hon. Joseph Bassey is the only Federal Representative in the South that shared over 1,000 bags of rice to his constituents in Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar South, with a Cash gift of 10,000,000(Ten Million Naira) shared across the Party Chapter Members in his Constituency, and Ward Executives(The 10 Ward Executives in Akpabuyo, 10 Ward Executives in Bakassi and 12 Ward Executives in Calabar South).

This is excluding individual cash gifts to over 100 persons ranging from 10k-100k, not to talk of others who do not belong to his constituency.
Hon. Joseph Bassey is the only Reps Member who has been in town before Christmas and stayed all throughout the new Year celebrations. On several occasions he socialized with his constituents at several public gatherings. He attended weddings, burials and other functions of his constituents during this yuletide period.

Our reaction to this cheap slander is stemmed out of the fact that Hon. Joseph Bassey is not a social media or eye service giver. He gives like a true Christian should, he gives with his right hand not allowing the left to know what he’s given out.
He believes it will be a disservice to God his Creator first of all then to his people to have them on camera whenever he is carrying out his show of love. How would he call himself a Christian if he had to post his people on social media whenever he found himself privileged to give out a helping hand.
If he did this, I bet you the social media space would be buzzing every minute everyday.

We have videos of his recent Christmas giveaways which ordinarily isn’t his style to throw out for public display, but because of the cheap slander going round we may be constrained to release pictures and videos soonest.
Infact one of our issues with him as his supporters has always been his reluctance to showcase his charity works on social media.
You can only know more about this man by making inquiries on the streets of Calabar.

A man who right from his days as Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly defied his security detail and protocol by insisting on driving himself around town alone even at odd hours. He is known and loved by the street kids around the city of Calabar. they call him “Papa” their daddy. He gives them feeding money on a daily basis whenever he drives around town.
Hon. Joseph who is famously known by his pet name Papa, is a giver who’s benevolence cuts across the entire 3 senatorial district of this state. He reaches out to people in need irrespective of what political sect you belong to. He doesn’t give to score political points or gain followership.
A man who as MP plays football with the locals daily whenever he is in town.
It hurts to see such a quiet giver being slandered just because he doesn’t cease the moment for political gains to boost his profile on the social media space like others. Infact, Papa believes giving is a privilege hence no man should take credit, only God.

A fine gentleman who’s political career is built on his love for his people, simple nature and desire for the general progress of everyone. Papa consistently grows to higher positions because of his good intents for his people and never out of Career aspirations.

Papa is an epitome of leadership, he fraternities with the lowest person’s in the society and never allows protocol stops him from relating with his people.

Unfortunately, most of us have been swayed by social media entertainment that we have completely forgotten the true tenets.
Enough of this slander against Hon.
Joseph Bassey.

Perhaps your propaganda should be that he is too giving and also too simple and accessible.

*Chief Moses Eyo*
Ward Secretary Ward-12
Calabar South / Media Rep. ABC Federal Constituency.


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