Ransome Odey Wants Quality Representation For Ikom 1 in 2023

Ransome Odey wants quality representation for Ikom 1 in 2023

Even while he found himself as State Security Adviser in 2017, Ransome Odey was quite a popular name in the Central Senatorial District of the State due to his level-headedness with business operators and people of other ethnic nationalities in the area.

Ransome Odey is a well known, well behaved and sociable person who shares great relationships with people of diverse backgrounds across the length and breadth of the state. He has thrown his hat into the ring to represent the good people of Ikom 1 in the Cross River State House of Assembly in 2023 in the next dispensation.

According to him, Ikom is the economic capital and nerve centre of Central Cross River State with abundant resources waiting for a man with a will and heart to harness the opportunities the people yearn for. By this, he is offering himself to the call of the people of Ikom 1 who are beckoning on him in their numbers to bring the kind of representation the constituency desires.

As State Security Adviser (Central) to the Governor of Cross River State, Ransome has been able to liaise with the various security apparatus of the military and paramilitary structures to restore calm and reduce to the barest minimum, the social threats which the once turbulent zone was known for.

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From communal hostilities to other forms of disturbances, the Yala Nkum born Ransome is usually at the forefront of calling for the negotiation/reclamation of peace in the central senatorial district of the State. As SA Security, he did excellently well and received commendations from the young and old and several other bodies around the State.

This time he seeks to represent his people, the good people of Ikom 1 in the Cross River State House of Assembly, an opportunity he thinks will enable him to leverage on in bringing people-oriented representation.

Support Ransome Odey for Cross River State House of Assembly for Ikom 1 State Constituency.


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