UNICAL Management React on Malicious News on Transcript


The attention of the management of the University has been drawn to the publication by Obaji Akpet tagged “how Unical happened to me”. The writer cast aspersion on the transcript unit of the University
Let Obaji know that presently, the processing of transcript in the University of Calabar is fully automated for all from 2019/2020 graduands including some old graduands. Applicants apply for transcript online and pay the processing fee into a designated account, and this, the writer attested to.

The information provided is used by the transcript unit to process the transcript and send to the recipient institution as indicated by the applicant. The cost of processing a transcript is N15,000 and it is paid into an account provided on the transcript webpage of the institution not cash.

About 80% of the results of alumni from 2012/13 session to date are uploaded on the result database. Presently, the University Senate does not approve manually processed results.

The present administration has upgraded the automation of result processing from the online registration of students for each course. This culminates to the generation of the electronic Examination Reporting Sheet which is used in the computation of results. Since 2020/2021 session manual uploading of results had stopped.

For the information of Obaji Akpet all results that have been screened by the present Senate of the University end with the generation of students’ transcript online. The administration of Prof Florence Obi has put in place modalities of giving students’ copy of transcript on convocation day and this is electronically and digitally done.

The administration is working hard on completing the uploading of the backlog of results to ensure alumni have ease of access to their transcripts. It is, therefore, quite malicious for the writer to state that “… absolute (SIC) nothing is stored digitally…” It is also claimed by him that the transcript unit has only one computer! How on earth could all these processes be managed using one computer? The writer’s intension is certainly aimed at denting the image of our great institution and his alma mater.

To further bury the image of his Alma Mater, the writer claimed that “… the last flood that swept across Nigeria affected the instruction (SIC) and more than 10,000 files were affected …” implying that the University of Calabar came under the flood.

The height of this lie can best be left to be imagined. This is undoubtedly part of the ploy to sell lies about the institution that produced him. It is a well known fact that Cross River State as a whole was not affected by the flood, so Calabar where the institution is situated could not have been affected, except in the vain imagination of Obaji Akpet.

Our record shows that 578 transcripts were processed between September and October 2022, during the period of the flood. This underscore the malicious intent of the writer over the issues he raised.

It is not also true that “… over 70,000 alumni data in UNICAL is (SIC) miraculously missing.” How could it be “miraculous” when the writer has explained, again maliciously, that SIMFIX “left with over 70,000 alumni data.” What can be explained cannot be termed miraculous. It is true that the said consultant fell out with the last administration and locked up some of the data. That did not deter the institution from forging ahead.

The claimed miraculously lost results are being uploaded by the staff of the University without the involvement of any external body or consultant which makes the digitalization of our transcript process more sustainable. Obaji Akpet, claimed that our workaholic Vice- Chancellor Prof Florence Obi is his “big friend”, yet he could not reach out to her to table his complaints or verify his information before dragging the image of the University the said “big friend” is working round the clock to rebuild to the mud. That the “public interest journalist’ will go to the extent of even asking readers to share his biased writeup smarks of mischievous.

Please some one should tell Obaji Akpet to learn to get his information right and stop misinforming his readers and misrepresenting his Alma Mater.



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