LAUTECH raises alarm over joining National body on STRIKE


LAUTECH ASUU joining the National Body Strike has caused enough damage than the good it wishes to derive from the cause.

When it comes to sacrificing academically, the class 21 set has always been the battleground for all kinds of fights and settlements between the university unions, management, and the government.

Bringing back memories, this set was deprived of resumption after payment of tuition has been made after admission which led to 9 months ASUU strike and as a result, class 22 was merged with this set and currently, this set is 7 years and counting on this campus with nothing stopping most of us rather than the strike that has become a norm.

Many students’ plans have been truncated, businesses failed, student startups and teams scattered, and dreams have been put on hold while many skilled individuals wasting away due to the delay in the completion of their academic year.

The whole agitation of the LAUTECH union has always been selfishly placed with the Union’s interest first, while the students are the pawn in the game of negotiation meanwhile “it’s for the students’ benefit” is the case.

The university is on the verge of moving forward with academic stability before the strike began. However, the “Best States University” title for LAUTECH is not enough to clear the university strikes history in every academic year. Business-As-Usual, 100L are being considered for resumption and lectures are ongoing but the 500L can’t be considered for continuation of academics activities after the wasted years and opportunities both scholarship and job.

The LAUTECH Management, Staff Unions, Student Union Government, and all the 500L Reps have failed this set, and as a result, will always be considered the enemy of progress and development.

  • The LAUTECH Management said her effort has been futile in getting the university unions on campus for resumption of activities and keep presenting her university to the public not to be considered not on ASUU strike again due to the 100L resumption.
  • The Staff Unions couldn’t be selfless for once by pulling out of the National Strike but used Tetfund Project and Needs Assessment Projects as a means to solidify their solidarity with the ongoing strike.
  • The lautech Student Union whose full university academic resumption is neither its concern as a result of its selfish interest to benefit from the Oyo State 2023 governorship election.
  • And, the 500L Reps that have been tagged the book-dogs, which had a proposed expression of concern walk over the prolonged strike on the 100L matriculation day but couldn’t carry it out due to the personal interest of some of the Reps which shows how they can’t deliver this level even if the SUG is not on our cause.

Should we keep our eyes shut and pretend to die while our days are being wasted on campus?
Remember, wasted years can’t be recovered as time is not on anyone’s side – even while opportunities are flying away right in front of the nose.


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